10-17-10 Friday (Jim Speeds)

It’s departure day. Farewell cool room with awesome water-pik-like-shower head and curved shower curtain rod for my ultimate comfort in showering. That’s a lot of shower words in that sentence and now after seeing it so much, it looks spelt wrong. I know it’s right though cause my handy dandy spell checking says so. Is it “spelt” or “spelled”? I could look it up but I don’t wanna.

We packed up and headed to my Aunt’s. Andrea met us there before having to go to work.

2010-12-17 065Above: Andrea putting on makeup.

2010-12-17 066Above: Andrea with make-up. Look at them friggin’ lashes. Reminds me of a previous entry when I spoke about mascara commercials.

2010-12-17 067Above: Kevin just got back from work in time for a sandwich. He went in at 5am!

Just a few more photos:

2010-12-17 072Above/Below: An-Annie and Uncle Bobby2010-12-17 071

The drive home was uneventful. I do like driving through these small towns. Beautiful farm houses, old barns, dilapidated sheds, abandoned partially collapsed homes… it all adds to the charm. It’s 3.5 hours of NON-Interstate driving. My only bitch, and let’s face it, I always have one, is that the speeds change constantly. One minute it’s 60mph and then through town driving is 35mph with a traffic light or 2. It really makes ya pay attention. It’s important to watch for the ever-changing speed limit signs unless you want to contribute to the small town’s economic growth via speeding tickets.

It was nice to get home. We hit traffic during the last hour of our trip. I figured that would happen but it was still a good time for us to leave Myrtle Beach (at about 1). Once Jim got home we headed to Ryan’s for dinner. They have awesome fried chicken. Mom doesn’t have a Ryan’s at home so this was a must before she leaves (after Christmas). There’s still a few other places we need to go to for lunch or dinner.

After dinner, for $20 a car load (Jim, me and Mom) drove through the Carolina Christmas light show at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. It was very worth the price. We drove slowly through MANY Christmas light displays. We set the car stereo to the radio station indicated which played Christmas music. Below shows a video of the main attraction which was a light display synchronized to music. The video doesn’t do it justice because there were 15 times more lights than what’s shown. I’m not sure why this only shows a small part.


Below is a video that shows a lot more of the entire display rather than just a portion:


After the long drive through the light shows, we drove on the curved race track to leave. That was fun. We actually did it twice. We also stopped into the Christmas village. They had toy making, Santa, fire pits to roast marshmallows, RV’s on display, decorated Christmas trees from various businesses, etc, etc. I’m glad we went.


  1. Very Cool, Sorry we missed it.

  2. I have a friend who does the synchronized lights and music thing at his house- it's very cool. Neat to have the big event at the Speedway- but I can't imagine playing to see Christmas lights! However, I trust you that it was worthwhile. We have some really cool light displays near home that the kids look forward to driving through as often as possible. Jeff tolerates it- I love it as much as I do!

  3. @Tim: Me too!

    @Liz: It was worth the money since it was lights and a carnival type village. Marshmallow pits, a petting zoo, etc


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