12-30-10 Thursday (Another Missed Flight?)

Next week Jim’s Mom, Ann, and stepdad, Morgan, come to town for a few days.  I’m not sure what Jim has planned for all of us.  I’ll spend some of this weekend and Monday cleaning up around the house in preparation.  After they leave, the guest room is reserved for Carl and Tim. 

image_thumbCarl & Tim will spend approximately 2 weeks with us while they prepare for another move.  Unfortunately they’ve decided that Charlotte isn’t right for them.  Be it that they missed friends/family too much, or not finding a job right away, or weather or whatever the reason, at this point, they are planning to return to Florida. 

The fantastic news of it all is that it’s back to Florida for them and not Texas or the like.  Although it’s something like 10 hours of driving, FL to NC is doable.

I received a card (below) from blog reader and friend, Steve



Is that not the best?  I was flattered that he thought of me and I absolutely needed a spirit lift. 

A couple of weeks ago I introduced my mom to a favorite chicken sandwich of mine.  The Wendy’s Chicken Club which features bacon and cheese on top of a breaded and fried REAL WHOLE chicken breast – not that processed shit.  Today we went to Wendy’s and enjoyed that sandwich along with their new yummy sea salt fries. 

For the hell of it we went to the Concord Mills mall and walked the loop.  We stopped into a couple of stores here and there but we were just there to enjoy the walk and crowd watching.  That reminds me… it’s Thursday and the mall was crowded.  Maybe it’s a popular vacation week?  It was strange.

Tonight I took Mom to the airport at 8:30 for a 9:40 boarding, take off at 10:10pm.  She already had a boarding pass in hand so we were going to utilize the curb side luggage check.  They closed at 8.  I was pretty nervous.  What if the lines were long again?  Damn!  There were no lines – phew.  We walked right up to an agent and presented Mom’s boarding pass.  He asked for the previous pass.  Huh?  We didn’t have one.  He said she missed the 9 o’clock flight.  WHAT?  I pointed out the boarding pass I just handed him shows otherwise.  He said, “Oh, they had you on the other flight but I see the pass, that’s why we check.”  Wow.  Really?  How could the computer print one thing and say something different?  Another PHEW for sure.

I walked Mom over to the security check point and there was absolutely no wait.  While I figured she’d just breeze right in and that we still had time, I just didn’t want to take the chance. 

I called my Dad to let him know that we were successful.  He told me that when he had gotten home the cat, Mustang, was dead!  Mustang had been having some problems here and there.  I thought that if mom hadn’t missed her flight she would have had one more day with him.  That’s silly in a way because it wouldn’t be any different but you know that’s how people think.  Dad feels it to be more of a religious perspective.  God made her miss her flight so that she wouldn’t have had Mustang die while she was napping or sleeping.  For sure she would have freaked out with a dead cat laying on the bed or something.

Dad said he’ll tell her on the way home from the airport.  I think she’s gonna be a mess tomorrow.


  1. That is very sad. It is hard to lose a pet you love. I am sending her hugs right now. {{{ }}}

  2. OK, I cried for Mom....I can't imagine losing one of my furbabies....

  3. I'll have Augie check in on Mustang and help him settle in. She was spared a terrible shock. May e it really WAS Devine intervention?

  4. So sad to hear about Mustang.

    Also sad that Carl and Tim aren't going to stick around- I love the get together pics and stories.

    Does Wendy's do a real chicken breast sandwich that isn't fried?? I'd try that! I did try their new fries a couple of weeks ago- they were good!

  5. That looks JUST like my resume, except I'm cuter and have more muscles.

  6. So sad about your mom's cat.

    I'm glad she didn't miss her flight again.

    I think you should add a photo on your resume!!


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