12-6-10 Monday (Cold Meat)

Mom assisted me with repackaging those steaks we purchased on Sunday.  Jim, Mom and I planned out our weekly menu last night so today Mom and I set out for the supplies.  I wanted to get a bunch of meats at BJ’s and then go to the Walmart near by.  I grabbed a large cooler and some ice packs which seemed so odd to me.  Odd because the outside temperature was upper 30’s or low 40’s.  Do I really need to work at keeping the meats cold?  I thought it better to be safe than sorry.  The sun could heat up the car. 

imageWe went to the Old Navy at Concord Mills to exchange some of the sweaters for Jim.  While shopping out and about we stopped at Nathan’s in the food court.  Mom loves Nathan’s and doesn’t have a location near her so this is a treat for her when she visits.  2 hot dogs, fries and drink for $7.50 each seems steep but Mom paid so I guess it was a bargain for me.

imageimageI have to tell you about something hysterical Jim and I witnessed while waiting for my Mom at the airport on Saturday.  Nearby where Jim and I stood were a set of stairs and beside them an escalator.  Such as pictured.  A woman walked up a few steps and stopped.  She seemed to have been unsure if she was going in the right directions so she was just looking around.  On the escalator down came 2 guys who said to the woman, “you have to walk; those don’t move.”  I thought I was going to die.  It was such an ingenious comment that I wanted to applaud them.  I didn’t though.  Really.  What did the woman on the stairs say?  I have no idea.  She didn’t speak as loudly as the guy IF she even said anything at all or I might have been mesmerized and not given a crap.  I may have been busy looking for my autograph book.

In the off chance you were wondering – those steaks were delish.  I grilled them, baked some sweet onions, steamed some broccoli and baked some potatoes.  Mmmmmm.


  1. While reading the paragraph about going to Old Navy I found it odd that you were making out with your mom. But after reading that she spent that much hot dogs, I guess that explains why.

  2. escalator and stairs. Way too funny! I'm never that quick on the spot. I always think of what I could have said way later.

  3. Dang- I missed the making out with Mom thing.

    But am CRACKING up over the escalator/stairs bit!!

  4. Also cracking up about the dimwit on the stairs!


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