12-4-10 Saturday (McFail)

It was an exciting start to the day.  We had extremely light snow flurries.  It was a very wet snow (rain and snow mixed).  Excitedly, I called my Mom to tell her about it.  She said she was hoping for snow and hope it continues when she gets here.  It lasted less than an hour and it never stuck.  Well, there’s still time.

Jim and I went to McDonald’s for breakfast.  Check out their tree:

2010-12-04 007

Now that’s one sad ass tree.  You can see the numbered sections of the tree are still attached!  See the number 2 hanging from it?!  This tree was worse than that mess at UHaul last year.  There’s a definite lack of pride going on there.

Later on, we watched hokey TBS Christmas love stories resulting in Jim’s eventual and inevitable nap.  While he napped I heard some chatter (for the lack of a better word) against the window.  It was snowing, heavily.  Well, upon closer examination, it was small hail pellets.  It didn’t last very long.

Jim and I had a late lunch at Ikea.  Yes, Ikea.  It was a special. I had the pasta and Jim had to chicken tenders.  Mine wasn’t bad but rather marginal.  What’d I expect?  Pretty much what I got.  Ketchup with some mild spice.  I will say that the sauce was chunky which was nice.

Ikea special

Off to the airport we went.  Jim and I had never been to the Charlotte airport.  I think they’re trying to update the airport.  If they aren’t – they need to.  The place needs some help.  For a major airport, it seemed lacking.  We ventured to the baggage claim area and watched the arrival monitors.  At one point we had to go stand outside because we had trouble breathing from some type of fumes.  It was awful.  The arrival/departure info monitors we watched barely updated.  With the flight seemingly 15 minutes late, I wandered upstairs to see if I could talk to a person about the status since the displays were useless.  I checked the displays upstairs and they updated differently!!!  What the hell?  I called Jim (who remained downstairs) to discuss the differences.  Silly, shouldn’t it be tied together?    Jim  saw some bags on the carousel and took a gamble at checking the tags.  It turned out it was my mom’s.  New luggage we’d never seen before.  Leopard print that Jim felt “fit” my mom.  Funny.  My mom called me from the arrival gate and we met up at the baggage claim. 

Once back at our house, Mom unpacked and then off to Mellow Mushroom for dinner we went.  None of us had ever been to one.  It’s a pizza/sub shop chain.  Very psychedelically decorated.





Pretty good but it did take a long time and Mom’s had to be sent back because it wasn’t hot enough.

Other pictures didn’t come out.  My cartwheel through the airport was very blurred (I must have been moving too fast).  The picture of my mom on stilts in the airport looked horrible.  She didn’t have a nice smile.  Jim’s action photo of the motorcycle wheelie was blocked.  The front tire blocked his head.  What a waste of film!


  1. Maybe they haven't had time to finish the tree yet.
    Have a great visit with your mom!

  2. That tree is so sad. You should collect up Happy meal toys and hang them on the tree for them...

    I want a slice of your pizza... and of Jim's... mmmmm....

  3. The number 2 tag hanging off the tree made me cringe.

    And I hate mushrooms! Why would a pizza place advertise all of their food with a mushroom logo? I would stay away. lol.

  4. @Wayne: Sadly, I think they "finished".

    @Liz: LOL! I love that idea. Maybe Burger King toys instead?

    @Hotel: I like mushrooms BUT I thought the same thing.


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