12-25-10 Saturday (A Little Roast)

Santa visited, filled our stockings so much that he had to move them to the hinges of the door because they were so friggin’ heavy.

2010-12-25 013

Mine was on another door.  Clea’s and Dasher’s stockings were light enough to stay on the mantle.

2010-12-25 012

Below: Clea’s catnip wouldn’t fit in the stocking.  Perhaps if she’s a good kitty next year she’ll get a bigger stocking.

2010-12-25 011


2010-12-25 014Above: look at our stuffed stockings!

Below: Dasher devours his bone.2010-12-25 0162010-12-25 017

2010-12-25 018

Our guests, Ruby and Little arrived.  We settled in to some yummy sausage dip she made along with some delicious chicken salad.  Great Hors d'oeuvres! 

2010-12-25 019Above: Little

2010-12-25 020Above: Little in the rotisserie.  Just kidding.  That was the rib roast before it over cooked.  No, I don’t want to talk about it.

2010-12-25 021Above: Ruby.

2010-12-25 022Above: Ruby and Little.

2010-12-25 024Above: Ready to eat!

Dessert.  Mmmmmm.  Ruby’s HOMEMADE cheesecake.  Super smooth.  Super creamy.  Super delicious!

Dasher and Little played:

Dasher and Little play.

By the way, this was a late lunch type of time frame.  When Ruby departed it was early evening and it had just started to snow!

2010-12-25 0262010-12-25 0272010-12-25 0282010-12-25 029

The Playstation had a $20 special for the purchase of a 3 game pack.  Family Feud, Press Your Luck, The Price Is Right were included.  Jim and I enjoyed the games, Mom elected to sit them out and eventually retired to bed.


  1. The snow is beautiful and right where it belongs: in a picture.

  2. You better hope Ruby doesn't read that comment about Little in the rotisserie! That was just wrong. Love the snow pic's, glad I don't have to work in it.

  3. The video of the puppies playing reminds me of when I first brought home my lab mix puppy (Ginger- who passed on Dec 2, 2007) and Sassy (who was 6 months old at the time) went nutso with excitement and Ginger just hid under a kitchen chair and Sassy ran circles aaround and around and around. Too fun!

  4. Where is the picture of the roast AFTER it was cooked? I want to talk about that. Looks like you had a great day. And now, Happy New year!!!

  5. It looks like Christmas was a success, and you had a white one!

  6. @Wolffie: LOL. Just a little up close and in person?

    @Tim: I don't think she reads the blog.

    @Liz: Little has been over before but this was the first time they've played.

    @Jodie: Uhhhhhhhhh no.

    @Joanie: Overall it was good. :-)

  7. You good good with a star on your head. :-P
    Ya, where's the pic of the done roast????


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