12-3-10 Friday (I Is Educated)

Sorry for the long gap between posts.  I just haven’t been feeling “it” lately.  The job hunting thing has been unfruitful and rather depressing.

Thanksgiving was great.   That’s all I can say.

My Mom comes tomorrow.  With her Fibromyalgia, she has a “bad” day for every “good” day.  That means that she’s in bed often.  That also means while she’s napping I’ll blog.

A surprise came in the mail from my parents the other day. 


Yes, a Ronco Showtime Rotisserie!  My parents have one too.  I spoke with my Dad on Thanksgiving and he said he was roasting a turkey breast on his machine.  I mentioned that I had had a roasted chicken at Carl and Tim’s that was delicious and that once I’m working I might just have to get one of those!  I was so surprised and of course happy!

Just “set it, and forget it.”  Well, not exactly, Ronco mentions many times not to take it literally.  You should always check your food.  I wonder how many lawsuits came to be because someone did take it literally resulting in disaster.


Yesterday I unpacked the beast, washed the various parts and stored it away.  The machine came with an instructional DVD.  I figured I’d watch it eventually.  As fate would have it, my Time Warner internet, phone and cable went out.  I called and was told it would be at least 90 minutes.  I guess it was time to watch the DVD.  It was helpful however it was SO CHEESY.  The background music.  The terrible dubbed voicing that sounded very low quality.  Terrible. 

Hey, I’m also glad they defined “lopsided” for me.  Read that paragraph – “If this occurs.  Turn off and …”  Is this all the result of being made in China or something?

I swear, the first thing I noticed when unpacking the box was this: 

Ronco Showtime Instructions Spelling Error.

Sue me.  I can’t help it.  It just stuck out.  It’s not that I’m perfect BUT I just would think professional products would have professional instructions.  Oh, and the improper use of Capital Letters here and There in the sentences are Amusing.

I called the major cellular phone company manager guy who had interviewed me a couple of weeks ago.  I left a message for him and hours later I still haven’t gotten a call back.  I assume that I didn’t get the position but thought it would be a good idea to follow up.

Here’s another error I just discovered on a government job website:


Mailes?  As my friend Tim would say, “…and that person has a job…” 

The more I look at the Ronco instructions, the more I find wrong with it so I’ll just stop now. 

I wasn’t going to put up a Christmas tree.  We have so much stuff, it’s jam-packed into the attic space.  When I told my mom that I wouldn’t have a tree, she said, “We have to have a tree”.  That lead to me buying a tree.  I couldn’t find all the parts to our other TWO existing trees.  I bought a prelit tree, dug out some ornaments and it actually came out nice.

Animated Christmas Tree


  1. Well, it's about tiome you decided to come bock! I was windering whare yu were.
    The tree loks awfulli white. Is it a vigun tree?
    Does yur comants have spell chick?
    Woudnt it be cool if they made a rooster that could do a hole terkiy?

  2. LOL! Yes, it can do a 10 pound turkey! Guess what we're having for Christmas.

  3. Welcome back! But - I was missing for a few weeks - took a 3.5 week, 4000+ mile road trip. (hides face here) No laptop, no handheld thingies, just skipped the internet.

    Good luck with the right job - but just relax through the holidays! Next year will be here soon enough.

    Nancy in Iowa

  4. Wayne's comment is hysterical. Love my "Set it and Forget it.

  5. @Mom L: Welcome back to you too! Where'd ya go on your roadtrip?

    @Pat: I had a hard time reading Wayne's comment! Any tips on the "set it and forget it?"

  6. Why dud you have a hard time reading my commont? I speak purfect Engash!

  7. Bwahahaha @Wayne!

    Lovely tree- it really did turn out quite lovely!


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