Dear So and So

Dear Potential Employers,

Hire me.  Am I over qualified or under qualified?  What gives?

Potentially Yours,

An Excellent Employee

Booger Blogger

Dear Scale,

I don’t hate you.  I don’t.  I rarely step on you.  I think I just don’t want to know.  Unfortunately your pals, Pants and Mirror, constantly remind me.  I’m thinking about writing them a letter but have decided they’re just not worth it.

Still your friend,

Hater of Clothing and Mirrors

Scale -Fat-Slim

Dear Weight Watchers,

I miss you!  WE have lots of work to do as soon as I splurge on your monthly fee.  I look forward to meeting your new PointsPlus TM system.  I hear fruits and veggies are “free”.   I like free foods.  I know I abandoned you and used my job as an excuse but I’ll be back!

Constantly Hungry and Over Weight,

A Successful Past Customer


Dear Snow Pants,

You rock!  You kept me warm and dry while frolicking in the snow.  The best part about you was the price. 

Toastfully Yours,

Warm and Loved It

2010-12-12 001


Dear Hawksnest Resort,

On our prior visit you were tacky and needed a lot of updating BUT you were fun.  On our recent visit you were still tacky and not as fun.  Your “Magic Carpet” failures were annoying and sucked up a lot of our snow tubing time.  Grading the slopes leads to stalling out amidst a fun slide down.  Why must you grade?  Maybe we’ll give you another shot.

Disappointed in Charlotte,

A Possible Return Customer

2010-12-11 013

Dear Mother Nature,

Thank you so much for the very light dusting of snow on Sunday night.  My Mom had gone to bed but had gotten up for something and was able to see it.  Just in case this was our only snow while she’s visiting, I was thrilled she was able to see it falling from the sky.  With it being a very light snow, the roads were safe for Jim to go to work on Monday morning so another thank you is deserved.

Enjoying Snow I don’t Have to Shovel,



* I’ll catch up on the Myrtle Beach trip during or after the weekend.


  1. Ha! Loved your your blog. I'm following you. :)

    Have a great weekend,

  2. Hi! Having mysteriously hopped here (I'm not sure how)I loved your post and I have added myself as your newest follower.
    Please drop by and maybe follow me if you fancy a laugh. I'd be delighted to welcome you.
    Friendly wishes from a festive UK
    Carol from – the blog that gives you laughter lines. (Has that put you off?)

  3. I miss Weight Watchers too. Probably not as much as they miss my money though!

  4. Following from Never Growing Old...

    I want to RV some day- in fact I wrote about it on my blog today.

    I also have a camp blog I keep during the summer.

    I'm having a blog hop myself this weekend...I would love if you guys popped over!

  5. Hi there! Stopping over from Follow me Friday. Love your blog. The Dear So and So is hilarious! Question, where did you get the snow pants for a good price? My son is going skiing next week and needs some!

  6. @Candace: Thanks!

    @Facing50: I dropped over! I haven't had time to read your blog though. Just getting back from a trip and have to catch up on blogging myself.

    @Kat: Right? It's really worth every penny though. Unfortunately I'm not working right now and it's silly to commit to the money even though I truly need it.

    @Carolee Sperry: I stopped by!

    @Kim: I got them for $16 a pair at a place in Charlotte called Famous Mart. They're not a franchise.

  7. Love your Dear So and So! Did you link up with Kat's Blog?


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