1-7-11 Friday (Lintless)

imageDidja miss me?  Sorry, I haven’t blogged lately.  Recently I’ve been struggling with what to blog about.  I mean, sometimes it’s not that important to tell you I’m ironing.  I’ve done that since July of 2008.  That’s over 2 years!  792 posts!

I’ve typed this entry over many times over the past week.  I started with quitting, then thinking about a new blog and now I’ve decided to keep this one but probably not blog daily anymore. 

I love the journal aspect of the blog.  Being able to look up when events occurred is convenient.  I love being able to showcase time with friends and family, snapping photos of pretty stuff and sharing it, getting that picture of a funny sign, the list goes on and on.

So, I’ll see you in a week?  Maybe 2?  Right now I’m gonna go pick some lint off the dryer screen.


  1. Ross and I were just wondering what happened to you. You haven't even made any comments on facebook. Glad you are just bored and and nothing more drastic. :>)

  2. I so totally understand. As long as you stay connected- Facebook, other blogs- it's all good. You are welcome to post about ironing and eating out in my comments anytime!

  3. Bummer! I check your blog every day. I am going to miss you. Even the stuff about ironing. Enjoy your break and come back soon. Lori Anne

  4. Thanks everyone! You are all so inspiring!

  5. Have enjoyed your blog for 2 years, I can understand your taking a break; but you have a gift of humor that should not be lost! Keep on, please!

  6. I'm proud to say that I know the inside scoop and was so grateful that you called so we could discuss what's going on.

    As you know, I went through the same quandary and decided to stop blogging. Well.... I shut down Casa Hice anyway. A few of you know where to find me in my new blog digs, but that's hopefully going to remain under the radar. I don't give a flying eff about followers or comments or page hits. My new blog is where my mind goes to play and rest. But I have learned a few tricks and will never use references to real people or real names again. Don't need the grief. I'll be like Jack Webb on Dragnet. I'll change the names to protect the innocent - ME!

    Meanwhile... back at Casa JAG, I'm glad to see you will continue with this blog. It deserves to be continued. And here's a shocker, Garret, I actually like when you blog about ironing, or fixing drippy faucets, or buying new toilet seats. I like it because it keeps me connected to the Garret I love and makes me feel like I'm sitting in your living room just hanging out with you while you go about your business. That's cool to me.

    So blog on my good, wisecracking, incredibly funny, witty, insightful, crazy friend. Whatever/whenever you write is good enough for moi.

    Love you Gar.

  7. @Dan: Thanks! You are all reinspiring me.

    @Alix: Chica! You're so wonderful.

  8. Yep. I've recently been going through something similar. Sometimes I just don't feel like it. I don't feel like writing or reading or anything. So I just ride it out, and I always come back to it. Ebbs and flows!


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