11-24-10 Wednesday (Stuff It!)

On Monday I met with the hiring manager of the major cell phone provider.  There’s 2 openings available at that same location so I’m hoping one will be mine.  The interview seemed to go well.  The manager had his handy dandy company interviewing workbook.  He’d go page by page asking me different questions and then writing a word or two down.   “If you were a tree, what kind would you be?   and why?”  Like that but not quite.  I was asked the tricky questions where they fish for something negative.  I’ve always been told to take something positive and use that.  For example, he asked what disappointed me in my last job.  I replied, “When I wasn’t able to assist a customer.  Be it I didn’t have the authority, the resources, or whatever, I just wasn’t able to make them happy.”  Smooth, huh?  I hope so.  This was only the first day of interviewing so he’ll “let me know next week”.

I did find out that if hired, training would start in January.  Good and bad points to that.  I need the money so waiting that long is a bummer.  The up side is that my mom just booked a flight here for December 4th through the 29th!   She’ll be here for Christmas!  I was really, really surprised she did it.  Most of the family is in Florida.  My Dad doesn’t mind being alone.  Actually, he welcomes it.  It will be like a vacation for him too.  He can veg, just relax and do nothing – when he has the time of course (he works). 

OK, so that brings me to today.  Carl and Tim went out of town to be with Carl’s dad in Hiawassee, GA for the holiday and weekend.  Jim and I are heading out of town this evening.  I drove Jim to work this morning, came home, packed, had the car cleaned, loaded up the car, and will be picking up Jim after work.  We’ll hit the road after we grab a bite to eat.   Dasher is coming with us.  Clea is staying home and will be checked on by Jim’s very nice coworker. 

I’m so excited to get away from it all.  Get a vacation, some relaxation at last.  Yes, I’m being facetious.  The downside is not having internet.  Said in my best teen girl voice: I just know I’ll die.  I know, it’s not about surfing the internet.  It’s about eating turkey.  It’s about being with family. 

Right now I’m waiting for a phone call from Jim to pick him up.  I’ll be there as he gets out of work but he’s hoping he’ll get out earlier.  It’s 4 now and I was hoping for a 2 o’clock release (sounds like prison) as I’m sure he was as well.


If I end this blog entry abruptly it’s because Jim called, I had to shutdown the ‘puter and


  1. Have a wonderful time. And tell us all about it when you return.

  2. Eager to hear all about it- aren't you back yet??


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