6-11-10 Friday (More Yet Smaller)

I called my Dental Insurance company this morning.  Delta Dental.  As I discussed a few things with her, she spotted 2 errors:

  1. The $148 from Dr. Taylor’s office (mentioned here) should not be paid.  As per an agreement between Esthetic Dental and Delta Dental, it was done within 3 months of the root planing and is considered “provider write-off”.  She told me to refer the dentist to them if they have any questions.
  2. The Charlotte Root Canal Center indicated me as “other” instead of spouse which put me in as a child in Delta Dental’s records therefore kicking a claim.  I may have a refund coming back to me then.  I called the root canal place and explained. 

We’ll see what happens.  For now on I will call after every claim to check that it was submitted and paid properly.  The insurance rep said that many people do just that.  I’d like to think these weren’t “intentional errors”. 

I received a call from a senator’s staff confirming our White House tour!  Yay!

I ironed and then ironed some more and then even some more.  When I was “done”, I remembered the 8 other shirts in the closet that needed touch-ups.  Argh.  I switched the iron back on and tackled them.

Scale - How'd Garret Do Today - Animated It’s obvious that I don’t know how to snack appropriately.  By appropriately I mean with moderation.  Jim and I can never “stop at one”.  Inevitably, one of us will look at the other and ask “want another one?” It’s our weakness.  This is why we never have snack food in the house until recently.  I’ve always had that problem and I’m not real sure why I thought being on a diet would be any different.  Sure I’m losing weight but are my desserts and snacks out of control?  I ended the day today with 2 points but look at the snacks for the day.  Two lemon iced cakes.  Double fudge cake.  Fudge stripe cookies.  Not to mention, look at what I ate for dinner.  2 burgers.  Again – I’m within points values but maybe I should be consuming higher point foods?  Once all the snacks are gone in the house I won’t be replenishing them.  Maybe 1 thing like pudding or ice cream pops.  Having sundaes, cookies and cakes are probably dumb.  What do you think?  I’m losing weight.  I’m within points. 


PS: 100 calorie packs are funny.  Basically they make a mini version of the larger thing and fill a bag with a handful.  Maybe I get 6 minis but if they we full size it would have been 2-3.  The Weight Watcher’s Lemon Cream cake is good but also tiny.

Lemon Cake 


We’ve relocated to a new city/state again.  The RV park is awesome.  We confirm plans for New Orleans.  Check it out here.


  1. So much to comment on. Good for you on the dieting. You're the bomb.

    As for dental insurance, people just rush through things. I don't think it was intentional. Trust me, staff don't always do it right. One option is to pay and send in the claim yourself. Then you KNOW it was done right. They fill in procedures but you fill in your portion correctly. Just a thought. Although it would be more out-of-pocket initially. You keep your eye on them all.

    Nothing's ever easy in dental insurance or dieting.

  2. Ugh on the dental thing- lack of attention to detail.

    I have avoided the 100 calorie packs since I'm TRYING to be more focused on how a food fuels my body. I'm struggling the last few weeks. Doing ok but not awesome. And I really need to do awesome the next 2 weeks before the 5K.

  3. @Li: I hate that I even got this way to have to diet. Thanks.

    @Liz: You can do it Liz. Think of the people you inspire. Think of how good you'll feel about your achievement. Think about all you've done thus far.

  4. You asked, I'll answer. Stop eating crap. Seriously. Yes you're within points. Yes, you're losing weight. But you are not nourishing your body and you are not making your mind as strong as it can be by ingesting fake food, processed food, artificial colors and flavors and chemicals and additives. I beseech you: shop. plan. cook. pack. Eat clean. Smart Ones, Weight Watchers, Skinny Cow...no good for you and should have no place in your house or in your body. Eat real food. Exercise. Your body will know what to do.

  5. @Norma: You're right. On the way home from shopping Jim stopped at a Baskin Robbins. While posting this I'm eating a vanilla yogurt with cocoa powder. I was strong :-)

  6. Since we discussed the dental thing during your telephone rant, I won't comment again here other than to say you are justified by being miffed. For lots of reasons.

    And as for your sugary snacking... quit it! Have a friggin piece of fruit or a cup of raspberries, for crying out loud.


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