6-16-10 Wednesday (It Sucks)

I did my typical job hunt this morning.  The oddity is that I actually found 3 jobs that I was interested in.  One with ADP, another with the state and the last one with Citi.  I filled out the appropriate applications and mailed or submitted as required.  There were 2 other positions that were remotely interesting so I sent out my resumes to those as well.  I figured what the hell.  So actually thats 5 jobs.

image Liz from Eternal Lizdom asked me blog about a couple of things.  One being the vacuum sealer I use (FoodSaver) and have mentioned several times.  It’s an old model that I got from my mom who got from someone else.  It does the trick for buying meats in bulk and repacking them.  I use it a couple of times a month is all.  I don’t have any of the canisters that were designed for the system.  I know my uncle used one for coffee and would vacu-seal it each time he used it.  It definitely keeps freezer burn away and I’m sure works wonders for storing opened items in the pantry or fridge.  I’d really love to have the one that looks nice enough to leave on the counter all the time, stores the bags inside itself and has a built-in cutter.  It’s got other dandy features as listed here.  The FoodSaver website has a chart to compare all the models based on what you’d expect it to do.  Some models even have a marinate feature.  From their website: A ten minute predetermined sequence of vacuum pulse to rest ratio allowing foods to get optimum flavor infusion in the least amount of time.

 image Above: The model I’d like to have. $180

Liz, thanks for giving me a subject to blog about.  I needed that.

Above: Vacu-sealing/sucking out the air reminded me of this clip from Spaceballs (my most favorite movie).

Being the anal retentive thing that I am, I made a “how to comment” link at the top of the blog.  It took a while to make but you non-commenters were worth it… I guess.

Here’s the Weight Watchers food journal for the day:


image For lunch I tried new (new to me) MorningStar Farms Chipotle Black bean veggie burgers.    Delish.  Great flavor.  If you haven’t tried a MorningStar veggie burger you’re missing it.  Diet or not, they are awesome and there’s so many flavors.  I had 2 snacks before dinner.  The yogurt just didn’t cut it for me so I had the flat bread thingies which I love.  Dinner was about emptying the freezer.  I did the best I could to estimate the point value for the soup.  The bean soup had ground turkey sausage in it so I estimated that as well.  I think bean soup is probably a low point and filling meal for me to have.  Once we get back from DC I’ll make another batch in the crock pot and get the points value right.  As you can see I managed to have dessert.  Once all the junk is gone, I won’t buy anymore.  Oh and I had 1.5 points left over for the day!  Yay!

Tomorrow is weigh in.  I’m excited.  I’ve been (against recommendations) weighing myself a lot lately and am liking the results!

DIH - Bee I think about writing a letter to an Ass-Clown.  Dasher has a play date.  We have adult play time at a science discovery center. Read about it here.


  1. Hard as I try not to use the scale as a constant validation of my success, I do hop on probably more than I should. It's one thing to monitor your weight that way, but it's an entirely different thing to obsess about it. A fine line I haven't mastered yet. A better process for me is just to go with how my clothes fit. The numbers game can be exhilarating and it can also be defeating; it can make or break a day. Now that I'm in maintenance, I really only need to get on the scale once a month, but I weigh more frequently. It's a habit I can't kick completely. Guess I just need it to keep me in check. Someday imma throw that scale on the trash heap. SOME day.

    Can't wait to hear how your weigh-in goes.

    PS: I haven't eaten meat for a week. It's an experiment I'm trying just to see how much I miss it. Since I don't eat red meat much at all any more, I thought for sure I'd miss chicken and pork like crazy. Oddly, I haven't. I'm certainly not going vegetarian, but it's nice to know that I can truly be satisfied with meatless dishes - and often! It's kind of fun, actually. Weird, huh?

  2. Your not so Anal Retentive friend (Tim)June 17, 2010 at 6:57 AM

    So Liz gets her request responded to but I still don't see any Ducks!

  3. @Alix: Maybe you should invent a scale that only works one time a month? You should blog about your latest food journey and the types of foods you eat.

    @Tim: Liz is prettier. Also I don't like duck. It's too gamey.

  4. Hi Garret. I left a comment yesterday - or so I thought - so here I am trying again. Your little comment lesson certainly brought in results. I am going to try the MorningStar patties. Great option for being stuck here at lunchtime. I was thinking about one of those vacuum thingies myself. Just not sure how much it would get used. I hate to keep stuff on the counters. Love the blog. I am an avid reader since day one.

  5. Thanks Amy! It worked this time!

    Let me know about those veggie burgers. Since there's so many varieties, I'd buy 2 different kinds at a time. Jim and I would have 1 of each as a taste test. He loves the Tomato Basil Pizza or another and I like the black bean or the chipotle.

  6. Yahoo for COMMENTS! I was scrolling through my Dashboard and saw my pic by your blog entry and was so confused for a minute!

    I'm really intrigued about the sealer vacu freezer thingee.... Back when Teagan was first born, we bought a quarter cow from a local farmer. We have a chest freezer in the garage so storage wasn't a concern and we never had a problem with the meat. But... if I could have taken some of that meat and marinated or seasoned it and then vacu-sealed it... hmmmm... my mind is churning with possibilities now.

    I used to love the MorningStar veggie burgers (back when I went vegetarian for about a year). I need to add those back into my menu, I think.

  7. Love the morningstar burgers thanks again for mentioning them. I like the chiken flavored ones and my husband likes the Tomato Basil Pizza ones. We actually have been eating vegetarian a couple nights a week and didn't even notice.
    Good luck on your weight in. I weighted in yesterday lost 2.1 lbs so I think we are doing ok, but need to get into some type of routine with our exercise. You haven't mentioned going to the gym lately are you still going regualarly?

    Who doesn't love Spaceballs it is a classic.

  8. @Missy Wheeler: According to Weight Watchers, 2 pounds a week is great and anymore and they seem to have a cow or a veggie burger ;-)

    We haven't worked out since the last time I mentioned it. With guests back to back we put it on hold but have now found multiple excuses not to go. The return-to-gym goal is after the DC trip. Stay tuned. :-)

  9. @Liz: LOL, I can imagine the confusion on the dashboard! Funny.


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