6-25-10 Friday (Companions)

We drove to Chantilly, VA to catch a tour at the Air and Space Museum, Udvar-Hazy Center.  This is part of the Smithsonian and noted as the “companion facility to museum on the National Mall.”  It was an hour drive there.  As with all Smithsonian museums, it was free except we had to pay $15 to park.

2010-06-25 003 Above: Jim pays attention to the docent while I, well…

2010-06-25 006Above: The real Enola Gay.

2010-06-25 008 

2010-06-25 013 

2010-06-25 019Above: A view from some observation tower.  It wasn’t exciting at all/  There’s the Jeep above the “GARRET” in the lower right hand corner.

 2010-06-25 022Above: This place is huge!

2010-06-25 024 

2010-06-25 026 

2010-06-25 027 

2010-06-25 028 

It took an hour to get to the museum and 2 hours to get back.  Ugh.  We returned to the RV to host dinner with the rest of the gang who had just flown in this afternoon.

2010-06-25 030 Above: Pearl (L) and Laurie (R).

2010-06-25 031 Above: Jim and Carl.

Steaks on the grill.  Fresh broccoli, baked potatoes.  Wine.  Mmmmmm.  And yes, I’m still on Weight Watchers, counting points, just not posting tonights.  I’m falling behind on the blogging.

DIH - JoshuaI marvel at the large selection of costume jewelry at Walmart.  3 stars have died within a week last year.  Read about it here.


  1. Wow - I missed that completely! Didn't know it was there during my residence outside DC.

    Nancy in Iowa

  2. You are on vacation- it's ok to skip a little blogging...


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