6-7-10 Monday (Bum Pee)

Jim and Grandma had breakfast at the hotel while I elected to remain behind in the RV again and enjoy my 2 point breakfast. Grandma checked out of the hotel and returned to the RV while Jim and I disconnected and packed up the RV. We returned it to it’s storage site until later this month when we use it for the DC trip.

Jim suggested seeing Linville Falls before heading to Charlotte. We’d take the blue Ridge Parkway, which adds a lot more time on to the drive, but naturally was well worth the breath taking sights. Grandma and I have no dates, plans, or for that matter jobs so we left it up to Jim since he has to go to work tomorrow. It was decided. Linville Falls, here we come.

We encountered some lane closures along the Blue Ridge but nothing too terrible. We stopped off at many scenic overlooks.

2010-06-07 001 Above: Amusing but not the worst of the construction. Is that BUMP or “Bum Pee”?

2010-06-07 008 2010-06-07 002 2010-06-07 003 2010-06-07 004 2010-06-07 005 2010-06-07 006 2010-06-07 007

Eventually we decided to find a place for lunch. What a find! In a community called Little Switzerland which is off the Blue Ridge Parkway, we ate lunch at the Switzerland Inn. This place was a resort.

2010-06-07 009

2010-06-07 014Above: Views from the Switzerland Inn property.

2010-06-07 010Above: A snapshot through the restaurant window. Jim brought Dasher (in the van) some water.

2010-06-07 011Above: Jim and his diet coke. A splendid combination.

2010-06-07 013Above: This view is from the Inn’s lobby.

2010-06-07 012 Above: My salad with grilled chicken and a kick-ass “cranberry and mandarin orange dressing.” The dressing was chunky and flavorful.

Yum! We continued on to Linville Falls. Once we arrived we assessed the hike.

2010-06-07 043

Grandma said, let’s do it so off we went:

2010-06-07 015 2010-06-07 016 2010-06-07 017 2010-06-07 019 2010-06-07 020

We’re almost there. You can see some of the river:

2010-06-07 021

We made it!

2010-06-07 023

2010-06-07 022 2010-06-07 024 2010-06-07 025 2010-06-07 027 2010-06-07 028

There’s a higher and further view point? OK, let’s go…

2010-06-07 037 2010-06-07 030

We made it again!

2010-06-07 033

2010-06-07 032 2010-06-07 034 2010-06-07 035 2010-06-07 036

Now we have to walk back? .6 more!

2010-06-07 029

2010-06-07 039 2010-06-07 038


2010-06-07 041

With a 2 hour drive, we made it home. That was a lot of work and very much worth it.

Scale with tapeHere’s my Weight Watcher’s summary for the day: I started off the day pretty good. Croutons wasn’t the smartest thing. 3 points? Who would have thunk it? I only ate half the roll. At dinner time I did OK but for some reason felt compelled to eat TWO desserts! Bad Garret, bad.


DIH - Head Tilt Who would have thought Albuquerque could be interesting? Just when we thought it was a mere turning point for Bugs Bunny, we end up finding plenty of places to explore. Be sure to check out the well-endowed monkey. Check it out here.


  1. Grandma is ADORABLE. I just love that she is part of these adventures!! She reminds me of my own grandma and makes me miss the days that she was so active, too.

    What a fantastic journey back home!!

  2. Awesome photos Garret. The one of you and Jim and Grandma on the grassy hill at the Switzerland Inn reminded me of The Sound of Music.

    As for your snake video... that's one super chill black racer! But I totally get it... why be in a hurry? It's summer.


  3. Looked like a fun trip. Beautiful scenery!


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