6-21-10 Monday (Lion Poop)

We were on the road almost 9 hours today.  Some of that time included pee-pee breaks, walking the dog, beverage refills and lunch.  I love traveling via RV.  We just pull over and everything is on board. 

So now, I blog to you from a Walmart in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  We arrived, popped dinner in the oven, did some grocery shopping, ate dinner and went to bed, all in the Walmart parking lot.


IMG_0099 Above: Now that’s a cat litter scoop!  Perhaps the locals own tigers?



10 Points left over!  For dinner, Jim and I both had a Morningstar Farms veggie lasagna that was pretty good.  We accompanied it with broccoli cheese bites by Veggie Patch. 

That’s all I have for right now.  Tomorrow morning we depart for DC!

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Last year was mostly about food.  I wouldn’t even bother clicking here.


  1. That scoop scares me almost as much as all the talk about "bridal diapers" does... gah!!

  2. Lion poop? OMG, you have no idea how ginormous poops are until you get a baby duck!

    Big AND prolific!

    It's so fun visiting your blog, Garret. There is always toilet humor abounding somewhere. LOVE!


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