6-18-10 Friday (Good Leftovers)

Jim and I are starting our trip later today.  I dare not call it a vacation since I’m not working.  This is Jim’s first vacation in 6 months other than weekend getaways.  When Jim gets out of work today, I’ll pick him up and then we hit the road to Asheville.  Our final destination will be Washington, DC with some stops along the way.  

Posting will be delayed here and there as I enjoy the “vacation” so check back frequently.


The salad dressing was more than the damn salad.  I chose the “healthiest” dressing!  It was quick and easy while in Asheville.  When I journaled the points at the end of the day I was so surprised I had 10 points left over!

DIH - Deer Emotional wrecks from visiting a memorial.  Luckily we were able to get our emotions under control and walk through some gardens some where else.  We needed the break!  Bricktown!  Greta photos today.  See the entry here.


  1. Why not bring your own dressing to a restaurant? I see people who do that from time to time.

    Another note: Friday's now has a low fat balsamic vinegarette dressing.

    Enjoy your trip!!

  2. Good idea but we didn't come from home and Arby's wasn't planned ahead.

  3. Have a wonderful trip and a great ceremony. Wish I was there to celebrate with you two. Raincheck?

    Drive safely, eat healthfully, have fun, and take LOTS of pictures.

    Love you guys!

  4. Ceremony? That's not happening per a blog entry a few weeks ago. Keep up girlfriend.

  5. Have a great trip! I love DC! We've been there over a dozen times!

  6. Enjoy your trip and I look forward to hearing about your adventures and drooling over the food...

    I tried to eat at Arby's recently and I had that salad but my Arby's only offers a fried chicken and no roasted option. They were "generous" and offered to put some market whatever turkey on it. I won't be going back to Arby's. They used to try and corner that "healthy option" market but they seem to have gone the Hardee's route of "our food is crappy for you and we don't care."


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