6-27-10 Sunday (Eskimo Hands)

Another day of sight seeing in DC! Be prepared for oodles of photos!

2010-06-27 001 Above: Dasher wants Clea out of his bed.

2010-06-27 003Above: Dasher paws the cat and gets his wish. She vacates.

Jim and I headed into DC separately from the rest of the gang to take a guided tour of the Smithsonian “Castle” which was the first Smithsonian building and now serves as an information center.

2010-06-27 004

The docent explained how the Smithsonian got it’s start. The short answer? James Smithson.

2010-06-27 006 Above/Below: Smithson’s Crypt.2010-06-27 005

There are very few exhibits here at this building. They did have a room with display cases highlighting a few things from each Smithsonian museum. It’s kind of like a sampler. One case contained an artifact – a statue of an Eskimo. I thought it was funny. See below:

2010-06-27 008Above/Below: I’d call this “The One Armed Masturbating Eskimo” 2010-06-27 008

OK, grow up. They did have a nice exhibit called, “Read My Pins: The Madeleine Albright Collection”. You can click on the link and see a slideshow of them on the Smithsonian webpage. They do a fantastic job of explaining the pins purpose along with photos.

2010-06-27 010

Next! Over to the Air and Space Museum (the other day Jim and I did the other location) for another tour. First we’ll meet up with Carl & Tim and have lunch while Laurie & Pearl explore the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum on their own.

2010-06-27 014Above: Jim and Carl wait on the lunch line.

2010-06-27 011Above/Below: Right here in the Smithsonian is a McDonald’s/Donato’s Pizza/Boston Market.2010-06-27 013

OK, let’s go on the tour and get ed-u-ma-cated.

2010-06-27 016Above/Below: Naturally I talked Tim into squeezing into this little plane for a photo op.2010-06-27 015

2010-06-27 017Above/Below: The docent.2010-06-27 018

2010-06-27 019 Above/Below: Views inside this huge museum.2010-06-27 020

2010-06-27 022 Above: This is Jim a la heat signature style.

2010-06-27 023 2010-06-27 028 Above: I’m navigating something. Too bad I don’t remember what it was. Whatever it is, I’m sure I frightened small children while doing so.

2010-06-27 029 Above: All the way down in the gift shop was this ginormous Enterprise.

Carl and Tim left the tour early, met the girls at the restaurant I mentioned above and the 4 of them returned to their hotel for a nap. Jim and I remained in DC. We looked at some more exhibits.

Later that evening we had reservations/tickets to go up inside the Washington Monument for 6:30pm. Carl, Tim, Laurie and Pearl were running a little late so we went up into the monument without them. As we exited, they were going up so we waited for them outside.

2010-06-27 032 2010-06-27 030 2010-06-27 031

Here’s my inside pictures:

2010-06-27 035Above: Commemorative plaque inside.

2010-06-27 036 Above/Below: Views from the observation windows at the top.

2010-06-27 037

2010-06-27 038

2010-06-27 039

2010-06-27 040

2010-06-27 042 Above: All interior walls are encased in plexi to protect them.

2010-06-27 043

2010-06-27 044

2010-06-27 049

2010-06-27 048

2010-06-27 046 2010-06-27 050 Above/Below: Each viewing window gives a map of what we’re seeing along with shots of what the view looked like during different years.2010-06-27 051

2010-06-27 052Above: Time to catch the elevator back down.

Once we all rendezvoused outside it was time for some photos. Photos of the best DC subject? Us!

2010-06-27 066Above: Front to back, left to right: Pearl & Laurie. Tim & Jim. Carl & Garret.

2010-06-27 057

2010-06-27 060 Above: Garret, Jim, Tim, Carl, Pearl and Laurie. The people in the background liked our idea and did the same pose.

2010-06-27 063 Above: Front to back: Garret, Jim, Tim, Carl, Pearl and Laurie.

I love those photos and I love my friends!

Time to check the map and have dinner. How about the Hard Rock?

2010-06-27 067Above: Carl navigates. Pearl double checks. Laurie (background) triple checks via her phone.

2010-06-27 068 Above/Below: Hard Rock!2010-06-27 069

2010-06-27 070 Above: This is Balance Turtle. Laurie and Pearl take him with them on vacations. Balance Turtle has done a lot of traveling. Pearl says she’ll guest post or we’ll link to her blog about Balance Turtle’s deep dark past. OK, the deep dark part was just to get you hooked.

Dinner at Hard Rock sucked. Tim’s steak was cold. It and Jim’s meal came out first. The food runner stood at the end of the table and passed the food down from one end to the other. I hate that. Why didn’t he walk around? It was a long time before the other meals came out. Jim asked for mayo at the time of his order, none came out with the meal. He asked the server and she said it would be a few since she had to walk all the way down stairs to get it. I whispered to her that she had better get it now since he had ordered it from the beginning and can’t enjoy his burger without it. My chicken was yummy. Carl seemed to have gotten the wrong burger but ate it anyway. Tim complained about his cold food but did not want a new one. The manager came over and we let him have it. Tim was comp’d his meal. We got sincere apologies from the manager. The prices at this location were astronomical. For the price we paid, yes, we were expecting some perfection in the entire experience.

Time to go home. Tomorrow we have another day of sightseeing planned.

DIH - With Alix 105 degree weather. Phew! I get a compliment from a fellow blogger. With some friends we had an aMAZe-ing time. See what I’m talking about here.


  1. I love the pictures. I'm going to write a blog all about BT. I'll let you know when it's finished. I will include lots of photo's of his past adventures.

  2. I love the pictures too! :) It's been 20 years or so since i've been to CD and I still remembered the Air and Space Museum when I saw the pics, except back then I called it the Air in Space Museum. I'm not suprised about Hard Rock. I've been to a few and have never been impressed with the food and/or service. Looking forward to more pics!! :)

  3. I need me a Balance Turtle! Kind of like a traveling gnome, but more mystical.

    Hey Garret... superb post! I especially like the photo in your "This Day In Our History." We make a cute couple, don't we? Although I think Tim and I make an equally cute couple even though we've never met.

    You did a great job capturing your DC fun with stylish and artistic photography. The laying down one, the Soul Train one, the "One Armed Masturbating Eskimo" one. Oh wait... that wasn't you. Was it? No, you're thinner.

    Anywhoozle...Sorry it's back to reality for you guys. but SOMEBODY'S got to do the freaking laundry.


    2. Picture 20... love that you caught the gal in the blue t in mid huge yawn.

    3. I've never been up in the Mounment and the views are amaing!! I'll have to add that to my must-do list next time I head to DC.

    4. Jeff would have loooooved to have seen that Enterprise! I'll be sure to send him over to see the pic!

  5. @Waytwisted: Awesome!

    @Mandi: Thanks. More pics to come!

    @Alix: Funny, I'm doing laundry as I type this. We make a better couple than you and Tim.

    @Liz: Picture 20. I think she was trying to eat the person in front of her.


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