6-24-10 Thursday (Things To Hope For)

As now seems typical, we got up early and headed into DC via the Metro.  We wanted to catch a 10am guided tour at the Museum of Natural History.  The tour guide was full of information but hard to hear.  Her amplifying gizmo didn’t work.  She took us through several exhibits giving us tidbits of information not found on the signs.  We’ll be back with the rest of the gang later this week.

2010-06-24 008  2010-06-24 006Above/Below: Hope Diamond stuff. 2010-06-24 007

 2010-06-24 002Above: Jim and I have seen this kind of squirrel.  We cherish our RV journey!

2010-06-24 003 Above: Don’t worry Jim, the dinosaur looks dead.

2010-06-24 005 Above: The tour guide, Jim and the remainder of our group.

We’re going where next?  A postal museum?  Zzzzzzzzzz.  (It actually turned out to be interesting).

2010-06-24 009 Above: Jim checks out the map and the itinerary.  A tour starts soon at the National Postal Museum!

2010-06-24 012


2010-06-24 011 Above: A fully restored lobby.

2010-06-24 014 

2010-06-24 015 

2010-06-24 016 

2010-06-24 017Above: The Hope Diamond was mailed to the museum in 1958.  This was the wrapper!

2010-06-24 018 

2010-06-24 019 

2010-06-24 020 2010-06-24 021 

At 3pm there was a river boat tour we were going to take but travelling via bus isn’t always very fast.  We had to skip the 3 o’clock but we did make it for the 4 o’clock. 

2010-06-24 023Above: On the bus (The Circulator).

2010-06-24 036

  2010-06-24 025 Above: Here comes our boat.

2010-06-24 024 Above: Jim in the plaza at the river.

2010-06-24 026 

2010-06-24 027 

2010-06-24 028 

2010-06-24 029 

2010-06-24 030 

2010-06-24 031 

2010-06-24 032 

2010-06-24 033 

2010-06-24 034 Above: The Watergate.

2010-06-24 035

Via busses and the Metro, we returned back to the RV to walk Dasher.  Off to the Potbelly Sandwich Shop for dinner.  It was good.  We’d eat at one again.  Turns out it’s a local franchise.

After dinner we went grocery shopping at a non-super Walmart and then a local supermarket chain called “Shopper”.  We picked up all the dinner supplies for the 2 dinners we’ll be hosting with the gang over the next few days. 

Oh and today was a weigh-in day.  No loss but on the bright side, no gain either:   



DIH - Jim With Ice Ah, a restaurant that surely helped put on weight.  Of course it was what we ordered.  We took a tour of a famous 80’s night-time drama TV show’s house.  Interested?  See it here.


  1. 1. Jim has excellent posture when driving a big rig!

    2. So cool that you've seen those squirrels.

    3. Cracked up at you grinning by the Museum of MAN.

    4. Any chance you saw the Giant Squid while there? If so- connection to my employer!! 3M made the liquid used to preserve that world's largest giant squid.

    5. Another possible connection... that big rig that Jim was in most likely has foam made by my company, in the plant right across the street from my office! Our products are noise dampening as well as cushiony and have many applications in the trucking industry. We even built a special state of the art truck testing facility to test various foam applications and trouble shoot noise and vibration issues for truck companies.

    You're all excited now, aren't you? Ha!

  2. Liz: Yes, I briefly saw the giant squid AND the 3M plaque. The docent pointed out that 3M made the liquid to preserve it!

  3. "Don’t worry Jim, the dinosaur looks dead."

    That made me bust out laughing. Gee... ya think? He's even way past ripe and on his way to fossilized! What? You say he already IS fossilized? Oh. I didn't know. Never been to that museum. LOL.

    Loved this post and all your photos. You two look so happy! What a fun experience you're having. Wish I could be there... especially for the big event! I'll be with you in spirit for sure.

    Have fun and celebrate!

    PS: Thanks for the gratuitous duck photos! Petrie really enjoyed them.

  4. You guys are really making the most of your time in DC! And Garret, you are looking skinny!

    Nancy in Iowa

  5. I love love love the Potbelly!! There's one adjoining the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, where John had his transplant. I ate there a lot (the caf at HUP was AWFUL!!!) I often got the roast beast sandwich and the broccoli cheese soup and loaded baked potato sop was awesome!!!

    Shit. Now I want a sandwich and potato soup.

  6. Hi Jim & Garret, Glad you liked the Postal Museum. We're glad it didn't cause too many zzzzzz's!

    P.S. I had no idea Smithsonian salads were so many points! Hopefully worth it.


  7. @Erin: Do you work for the Smithsonian????? You say "we".

    The salad wasn't many points. It's the grilled chicken with Parmesan cheese and croutons. It's the croutons that are bad.


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