6-15-10 Tuesday (Knik-Knak Paddy Whack)

I received a 1-800-PET-MEDS order yesterday but hadn’t opened it until today.  Inside the box was a huge (for my dog) milk biscuit type bone.  I love watching him eat over-sized treats.


2010-06-15 002Above/Below: He wishes he had opposable thumbs. 2010-06-15 003

 2010-06-15 004Above: I love this one.  “I’m watching you!”

 2010-06-15 005 2010-06-15 006 2010-06-15 007 Above: Nom, nom, nom…

I went to BJ’s today.  Amongst my purchases I picked up the steaks for the DC trip.  I wanted to get them now so I can season them, vacu-seal ‘em and then freeze them.  Be it the freezing, the vacu-seal or the salt in the spices, whatever it is, it makes the steak so tender.

 2010-06-15 008

 2010-06-15 009 Above: They’re about 12 oz each.  That’s almost 30 points!  Looks like I’ll be enjoying a much smaller portion!

Reader’s comments have dropped off lately.  Could it be that nothing exciting was happening?  Perhaps.  For those of you who have something to say BUT don’t want to set up accounts or crap like that shouldn’t let that stop you.  It’s so easy to comment and no account is needed.  Here’s a screen shot of the comment form:

Comments  Gecko

And one more thing about comments, as Alix from Casa Hice would say, “Comments are my crack. Help a junkie out?” 

My food day started off OK.  I looked for “filling foods”.  I think my hunger is associated with boredom.  I so need a job!


DIH - Cloud Experimental methods of waking up earlier.  We toured a park.  Italians talk about world famous burgers in Texas.  A ranch where they raise Cadillac's.   Strange signage.  Horse statues.  It’s all strange.  Check it out here!


  1. Dude!! Give some love to the regulars who post comments almost daily!! C'mon!! :)

    Jeff and I have talked a few times about getting one of those vaccuum seal thingees and you might be convincing me.

    Post requests:
    1. Weight Watchers and what they teach beyond points (the filling foods and there was something else I mentioned before...)
    2. Various ways to use the vaccuum sealer thingee and things to definitely not use it for (you could really have fun with that)

  2. DUDE! Thanks for commenting every day, every post. You know from being a blogger yourself that while we say we blog for ourselves, we typically blog for our audience. (I still hate that word Followers).

    I will think about the post requests. ;-) The things you mentioned on Facebook; "Maybe next time you blog, you could share a bit more about "Good Health Guidelines" and "Filling Foods."


  3. Way to fish for comments! I bit. :) (although I make my share i think)

    Dasher=Deliciously adorable. I LOVE the first pic. So happy to have his bone!

  4. I love your blog Garrett. I have been following since last fall. You always make my day better.

    Sorry for not commenting sooner, since I don't blog myself I wasn't quite sure how to go about it, but with your simple explanation in todays post I thought I should give it a try.

    I also started WW the 1st of June and enjoy reading your food journal for ideas. Recently tried the Morningstar veggie burgers you had listed and I really like them.

    The steaks look yummy.

  5. @Mandi: Thanks! He's my baby!

    @Missy Wheeler: Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting! Easy, wasn't it? How are you doing with WW?

  6. First I am so sorry I misspelled your name. Promise I won't do it again.

    WW is going well. I have lost every week so far.I am happy with it. I have done WW before, but always cheated and obviously that doesn't work. This time my husband and I are doing it together and I am committed to making it work. Thanks for asking and for sharing your journey.

  7. @Missy Wheeler: I'm excited that someone else is doing it. Please be sure to mention any strategies you've been successful with that you think I'll benefit from!

  8. Cool. I love Dasher and how passionately he's devouring that milkbone. The paws holding the treat is perfection. Such great shots of the little guy.

    I also love the graphic tutorial of how to leave a quick blog comment without needing an account. Mind if I steal it?

    And Garret.... those steaks look yummy. 4 ounces is just a tease. Can you handle the pressure?

  9. Holla at Missy Wheeler for starting Weight Watchers {it should be getting easier by the end of week two} and double holla at YOU, Garret, for inspiring another dieter. That's awesome and powerful stuff. I'm so proud of you two - and Liz!

  10. Sorry, I haven't commented in awhile, but I check in every day to see what you guys are up to. My husband just lit the grill and we are having steaks just like those you pictured. Yummy. Corn on the cob will make the meal perfect. Watermelon, too.

  11. Thanks Catsy. Steak just like me? Be sure to take the plastic off! :-)

  12. That's Miss Bitch To you (Tim)June 16, 2010 at 9:01 PM

    OMG... You little (well not really so little)attention whore! First you want us to read your blog and now I have to comment also. You do
    realize that some of us have jobs and take precious time out of our busy day just to read your blog. Well I guess I will have to comment on your blog, but don't get used to it.

    1st - Are you getting a kick back for advertising for 1-800-PET-MEDS

    2nd - Thank you for informing us that the bone was for your dog.

    3rd - And I bet he watches you and thinks....
    I bet he wishes his mouth could reach his....

    4th - Don't worry about the extra steak, I will eat my portion and yours

    5th - Thank you for assuming that we are all complete idiot's and don't know how to post a comment.

    6th - Does Geico know you stole there Gecko?

    7th - Yes you need a job. Then maybe you won't bother me with commenting on your blog.

    8th - Maybe you should get a duck!

    9th - Thank You for all you do! Love you Honey.

  13. @Tim: I love you man. Wait though, there's more. At the top of the blog is a link called "EASY Commenting (A How To). See how anal I am.

  14. What Tim said. Especially #8! Made me laugh out loud.


  15. Sorry I don't comment very often. Between work, the yard, our mo-ho trips, and of course, the plant sale, I'm lucky if I had enough time just to read the few blogs I do follow. I'll try to do better...

  16. @Alix: It's not nice to laugh at my "special" friends.

    @Wayne: That's OK Wayne, keep doing what you do. I don't always comment either.


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