6-22-10 Tuesday (Geysers)

We got a very early start for the day.  Our journey here was uneventful which when traveling via RV – that’s a good thing!  We’ve had our share of mishaps in the past.

2010-06-22 069

The ride from Harrisonburg, VA to College Park (RV park location), Maryland was going to be about 2.5 hours.  We knew it would take longer with our slow RV speeds up hills, pee stops, and fuel (6 MPG).  We also hit a little traffic as we got close to DC.  The RV park, located in Maryland is called Cherry Hill Park.  A HUGE place - probably the largest RV park we’ve ever stayed in.  The check-in counter had 4 employees working it.  They have a mini golf course, pools, cafe, etc.  It’s quite the resort.  It’s not the nicest we’ve stayed in but hands down the largest.

 2010-06-22 071

 2010-06-22 072

2010-06-22 073Above:  Check-in seemed to have taken a long time.  I think Jim got the newbie.

We pulled into our site, and began setup.  The water hook-up was a thin flimsy pipe protruding from the ground.  Apparently it didn’t appreciate the tug Jim gave on the hose which snapped the pipe like a toothpick. 

2010-06-22 074 Above: A geyser.  That wasn’t in the brochure!

With a call to the office, the maintenance crew arrived quickly, cut off the water and made a fast repair confiding that this was the 5th geyser today.

Once settled in, we ventured into DC.  We drove the Jeep to a nearby Metro station, parked and then rode into DC.

2010-06-22 075 Above: A campground employee helps us with directions.

 2010-06-22 077


2010-06-22 079


2010-06-22 078

After arriving into DC, the first thing on the agenda was to get a marriage license.  There was no line and the clerk was very friendly.  We were told by 2 employees that the license is good indefinitely.  Sometime we’ll get back here and get hitched.  Right now the wait for a civil ceremony is 8 weeks.

  2010-06-22 081 Above: In one of the stalls at the courthouse.  Trash bags support the toilet paper.  Classy.

Next was the BEST part.  A Segway tour.  3 hours on a guided Segway tour.  It took 5 minutes to feel comfortable operating it.  Within 10 minutes the group was full of experts.  It was amazing.  It was fun!  The hardest part was standing.  Yes, it’s like standing in one place but there are opportunities to hop off and stretch or just flex the ankle a bit.  This was so worth it.  We were in a group of 6 and all of us felt the same way! 

Here’s oodles of photos:

Fun, huh?

WW Above: We had two dinners.  The first was a salad at a Smithsonian cafe.  The second was after the Segway tour, Jim and I split a  Subway sub.  I still ended the day with 7.5 points left over!

DIH - Fainting I complain about my laptop problems.  Dasher is loving the new RV park.  Cold Stone at a discount.  A pretty laid back day.  Read about last years non-adventure here.


  1. Oh!! DUH!!


    That had to make it all feel a bit more real, right? No ceremony, I know. Not legal yet, I know. But it's like halfway legal and real...

  2. Hey!! I can see the weight loss in these pics!! Looking GOOD! Your shirt looks pretty darn baggy.

    I've never done the Segway thing but I think that might be a fun date night thing sometime... there is a Segway thing in Indy that my blog friend 4th Frog just did and another real life friend Segwayed around Chicago recently.

    I remember when the Segway was first introduced and it was this HUGE secret and HUGE announcement... I bet that guy never imagined that Segway would primarily come to be known for tourism and mall cops.

  3. FUN! I've always wanted to do one of those. (I'm talking about the Segway tour, Dirty Bird.)

    PS I'm no WW expert or anything, but aren't you supposed to use all your points and NOT have any leftover? Alix? Just want to make sure you're staying healthy.

    That sucks about the marriage wait, BTW. Good thing you didn't invite us all...

  4. Hey there Slenderella! Looking spectacular! I'm so proud of you!

  5. The Segway Tour looks like fun!!

    I agree with Alix... looking good, Slim... I mean Garret!


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