6-28-10 Monday (Changing Of The Thud)

Our last full day in DC!  Awwwwwwww.  Laurie, Pearl, Tim and Carl were ahead of us today.  They took the Metro into Arlington to visit the cemetery and grounds. We were about 45-60 minutes behind them for a good part of the day.  Jim and I opted for a trolley bus tour.  It was one of those hop off and on when ever you want.  Perfect, it was REALLY hot out and the Arlington National Cemetery is quite huge.  As we made our way through the cemetery via the tour tram, a guide would narrate.  We saw many different memorials and sites.  It’s a beautiful cemetery.

2010-06-28 003

 2010-06-28 006

2010-06-28 007 

2010-06-28 011 Above: John F. Kennedy Eternal Flame

2010-06-28 013 Above: Tomb of the Unknown Soldier – changing of the guard.

2010-06-28 014 

2010-06-28 015 

2010-06-28 016 

2010-06-28 017 

2010-06-28 019 

2010-06-28 021 

2010-06-28 023 Above/Below: the view from the Arlington House.

2010-06-28 024 

2010-06-28 027Above: Inside the Arlington House.  Very empty and in need of restoration/preservation efforts.

The only disappointment was that we were very hot.  I was hungry and hot and felt weary.  There was only one place to buy bottled water unless you’re content with warm to hot water from a drinking fountain. 

THUD!  A girl collapsed during the changing of the guard.  She hit hard too but was later seen rehydrating on a park bench.  Reboarding the trolley wasn’t fun.  It was typically a 15 minute wait each time.

People who bring toddlers to museums and cemeteries suck.  Sorry but keep the kids out of Vegas and cemeteries.  They don’t care, they’re not entertained, they are needy, they’re not having fun, they don’t want to be quiet, they don’t want to sit still.  Stick with Disney until they’re older.

Upon departure from the cemetery we found that the others were at the American History Museum.  Tim told me the cafeteria offered many delicious choices including a salad bar.  He was right.  I filled up on grilled chicken, asparagus, zucchini, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, lettuce, etc.  Heavenly.

After lunch we were able to meet up with the gang and tour some of the exhibits together.

Here’s some of my favorite photos/exhibits:

2010-06-28 028 

2010-06-28 029 Above: The view from our table at the cafeteria.

2010-06-28 031 Above: Interesting.  A float honoring hanging of witches?

2010-06-28 032 Above: Lincoln’s top hat!

2010-06-28 033 Above: C3PO

2010-06-28 034 

2010-06-28 035 

2010-06-28 036 

2010-06-28 037 

2010-06-28 038 Above: The Ruby Slippers!

2010-06-28 040 Above: Kermit.

2010-06-28 042 Above: Fonzie’s jacket.

2010-06-28 043 Above: Archie Bunker’s chair.

2010-06-28 044 Above/Below: The entire Julia Child Kitchen!2010-06-28 045 

2010-06-28 046 Above: A pop up book exhibit.  I used to love them.

Above: Pop Up book.

While Jim and I finished up the museum, the remainder of the crew returned back to their hotel for naps.  Eventually we Metro’d back to the RV.  After naps, the gang came to the RV for dinner.  I made Lipton Onion Burgers.  Tim and I ate veggie burgers.  Jim and I put out a spread of salads and baked beans.

2010-06-28 051Above: Tim listens to Pearl explain world peace or something like that.  Carl (background) still isn’t smiling.  If you ask Carl, he’ll tell you he’s smiling on the inside.

Below: Laurie 2010-06-28 048 2010-06-28 049Above: She tried catching flies but failed.

2010-06-28 050 Above: The hands help her to hear a little better.

We said our goodbyes.  Carl, Tim, Laurie and Pearl have an early flight out to Florida in the morning.  Jim will be driving he and I for about 7-8 hours to get back home to Charlotte.  We’ll miss our friends and are so glad to have been able to visit with them.  We had so many laughs!  I love you guys!

DIH - TurtleJim enjoyed lunch with an ex-coworker while I soaked at the pool.  We bought some supplies to insulate the RV skylights.  See it here.


  1. We love you guys so much too!!!! Soon Pearl and I are going to come to Charlotte to see y'all. After all, we are the only ones left.

  2. I haven't been to Washington as a tourist since I was a kid. I went about 6 years ago with Dani and others from our church to march in a Right To life march. I was also there when my niece got married at St. Matthew's Cathedral in Washington 10 years ago.

    I'd love to see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and other museums and memorials.

    I found interesting facts about the men who serve at the Tomb.

  3. @Waytwisted: Yes, you are! The guest bed is awaiting your slumber!

    @Joanie M: Great link. Thanks. I'm not sure that I believe 100% of the info just as others have disputed. Very cool though.

  4. How did I miss this post? I was dazzled by the photos... especially Laurie's tats.



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