6-4-10 Friday (Loving Left Overs)

Today me and Grandma will be hangin’ out. Tomorrow Grandma, Jim and I will be going to Asheville for the weekend. We’ll stay in the RV and Grandma will check into the same hotel that Ann, Morgan, Patty and Tonia stayed in a couple of weeks ago. The plan thus far is to tour the Biltmore Gardens on Saturday and then the house on Sunday.

Grandma and I went to the car wash to get her mini van spruced up. With a nice clean vehicle at hand we stopped at Walmart for some supplies.

2010-06-04 010

Once Jim got home from work we started packing for our Asheville trip. Some clothes, and such, it didn’t take us long at all.

Animal scale

While at the store I bought these delicious Wheat Thins Garlic & Parsley Flat Breads. A point per 2, 2.5 for 4 of them. I ate 4 with cream cheese and damn they were good.

Dinner. Chicken sausage. There’s so many flavors out there to choose from and I urge you to try them. Delicious. One of the popular brands is called Aidell’s. Mine were not Aidell’s but were tasty. All the brands are listed on my tracker.

We bought a sugar free strawberry angel food cake and some fat free whipped cream. Grandma cut up a bunch of strawberries, then sweetened them with Splenda® . They accompanied the cake and whipped cream perfectly. Delicious and only 2 points!

At lunch time I loaded up my foods into the point tracker. With dessert and all, I was going to have 8 points left. After dinner I tweaked what I really ate and gained another 2 points! I ended the day with 10 daily points left over. Not the intention.

WW 6-4

Maybe it was that I was hungry again. Maybe it was knowing I had so many points left. Whatever the reason, I ate more cream cheese and crackers. I’ve tracked it, I just didn’t change the screen photo above. New points left over are 6.5.

Some photos:

2010-06-04 001Above: Dasher didn’t know what to do with the cat being in his bed.

Below: I helped him. 2010-06-04 002

I took a bunch of pictures while Dasher was snacking:

2010-06-04 003 2010-06-04 004 2010-06-04 005 2010-06-04 006 2010-06-04 007

DIH - Animated Arrow Still enjoying Roswell, we went to a museum and then to a zoo. The zoo was great. Again, this post has a lot of fun photos. Click here.


  1. I buy chicken sausage at Trader Joe's- they have oodles of yummy flavors. I haven't got Jeff sold on them, though.

  2. Enjoy Biltmore. It sould be beautiful this time of year!

  3. You make me so proud. But I feel a little voyeuristic looking at your food diary. LOL.

    6.6 pounds down is amazing! Go, Garret, go!


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