6-8-10 Tuesday (Feelin’ Old)

Leave it to me to struggle up and down the stairs this morning; my knee and legs felt so weak from all the walking.  When Grandma gets up, I ask how she did on the stairs and she said she had no problems.   The woman is in her late 70’s and has an artificial knee.  Go Grandma, go!

Just in case we didn’t walk around enough we went to Bloom.  You know, that supermarket where I scan my own stuff while I shop?  I had to get some more Nance’s Sharp and Creamy Mustard which I can’t find any where else.  After satisfying my mustard needs, we went on to Walmart for a few things.

Grandma’s son, Jim’s Uncle Tom, lives 5 hours away but is here in Charlotte on a construction job.  He’ll be here for months and is living in a 5th wheel.  He commutes home for 3 day weekends.  Jim, Grandma and I met up with Uncle Tom at O’Charley’s for dinner tonight.

2010-06-08 003 2010-06-08 004

Somebody ended the day with points left over!


DIH - Animated Stretch We kind of explore an ice cave and giant ditch.  See it here.

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