6-13-10 Sunday (Toys Gone Wild)

Jim and I had a fairly lazy day.  We surfed on the internet until lunch time.  Eventually Jim suggested lunch at Cinco De Mayo, a Mexican restaurant that offers lunch buffets. 

After lunch, we did some shopping here and there – nothing exciting.  While at Concord Mills Mall we stopped at an American Greetings store for Father’s Day cards.  We spotted this:

 2010-06-13 002 Above: This was for sale at the “Forget Me Not by American Greetings” store.  Could the placement of the spinny-propeller thingy be any worse?

CelebrityUgh, the food today.  I must remember to eat a low point breakfast on weekends.  I could have saved 3 points.   At lunch we went to the Mexican buffet.  We love this place.  I’ve blogged about it before.  The food is top notch and delicious.  It’s not just “OK for a buffet”.  I played fairly smart on my food choices but I don’t think I aced it.  I ate a slice of cheese quesadilla, a half a chicken Chimichanga, some shredded chicken, 2 chicken and onion fajitas, and a bite of Jim’s churro.  I took 15 points for all that.  It was probably less than that but I’ll play it safe.  I tried a veggie fajita mix that was out of this world.  It looked to have had zucchini, spinach, yellow squash, onion, mushroom, peppers, tomatoes, and cheese.  It was probably sautéed in oil.  It was the best.  Had I tried it at the beginning of my meal, I would have probably just eaten that and been happy.   For the day, I dipped into my weekly points by 5.  Oddly, I’m not bummed.  I see the mistakes I made and know how to correct them. 



DIH - Cloud Tires, laundry and vultures, oh my.  Check it out here!


  1. We do Mexican food pretty regularly and I would be so sad if I couldn't partake. The chips and salsa can be a downfall... but if I bring my own chips (Trader Joe's Soy and Flaxseed Tortilla Chips), I don't feel as bad. And I always order fajitas now- such an awesome choice!

  2. I had ONE chip. LOL. It's hard to resist but I can do it. :-)

  3. Chimichanga? Seriously? On WW? Unless they changed the recipe, isn't that just a giant Mexican egg roll deep fried in oil? Step away from the buffet...


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