3-5-10 Friday (Totally Bitchin’)

Rant Warning

Ooooo, here’s another job update:


It’s sickening.  Another credit check.  When I check out the human resources woman’s email address, a whois.com reveals its from the Bahamas. 


Be careful out there!  These people suck.  What makes it worse is that I don’t know which ad this came from.  Craigslist uses an anonymous reply email system. 

I’m done with craigslist.  If it’s a job I was meant to have then I’ll have it.  If it was much of a reputable company than they’d use careerbuilder.com or monster.com.  Sorry if I step on anyone’s toes that uses craigslist.com to find employees but craigslist feels like the dark alley of the internet – one I don’t wish to stroll down.

An unrelated rant:  Paperless statements.  We get tons of emails that almost beg us to go paperless.  Ya know what, paper rules.  We need paper.  It helps us feel secure.  Leave us alone!  So you’ll retain my last 7 years statements for me but what happens when your ass goes belly up?  Screw you.

Ooooo, I can tell it’s gonna be a bitchfest sorta day.

A non-rant: Jim planned to have lunch with coworkers today at Boardwalk Billy’s.  Jim and I have went there once.  I passed since I had a cheat lunch with Jodi this week while Jim ate his salad.  I actually planned it out that way and made an extra salad for me and shorted him one. 

Here’s a video of Dasher and Clea playing.  Jim and I call it “The Dasher & Clea Show”.  For those who don’t have to live with this, it’s cute.  For those of us who are overly exposed to the noises Dasher makes during play, well, it’s just plain annoying. 

I went to the RV.  I removed the kitchen and living area cabinet handles.  I’ll be spray painting them.  Probably not today.  OK, so definitely not today but I’ve taken step #1.  Hopefully the transformation from not-antiqued-on-purpose-brass to silver will update the interior a little.  After the hardware then we’ll take window coverings.

Here it is, a Friday and now 4pm.  I’ve gotten no phone call back from the dentist.  I’ve had to leave another message on their machine because the office is closed for the day.  Ugh.  I looked at the dentist’s website and found that they’re closed on Friday’s.  Perhaps they should have worked hard to return my call yesterday when they were open.  Am I being to harsh?

Dinner is set to go.  Chicken in wine.  It’s a dish my mom used to make.  I’ve made it a million times too but not recently.  It’s wine, cream of mushroom, onions, etc.  I used low fat soup so we’ll see what happens.  I’m going to serve it on a bed of noodles.  Here’s the noodles I bought:


Longhorn never called me despite my comments about our almost-dining experience several weeks ago.  How unfortunate to have a website that asks for feedback, but doesn’t follow through.


The director of operations may have been too busy to lose business.  You know something, being in management, I’m pretty much against just giving away the store because someone was pissed.  I don’t think something free is necessary.  Acknowledging, apologizing, fixing, that’s necessary.  There’s been cases where I’ve turned down the freebee.  Like the Arizona Pizza Roach incident.  I confess, a free something from Longhorn would have made me go back sooner than later however now I’m not so sure.  What does a lack of response say about the company?  Is it a franchised store perhaps?  Should the Longhorn customer relations guy have followed up even with an email to make sure I received a call? 

I think I should just blog about poor service.  Again, I wonder if I’m being too petty?  Then I think that I also praise the good service people.  That Friday’s visit the other day, I filled out an online survey.  Sure it gives me a free appetizer for filling it our but I also went to a general feedback page and left more praise outside of the survey.  

Dentist dude and Longhorn people – you suck.  Oh, might as well include paperless pushers and craigslist scammers in there too.

So – moments ago -I got an emailed newsletter from the rental property company.  At the bottom of the email I clicked “unsubscribe” which brought me to their webpage with a message saying that I’ve been unsubscribed and they will send me an email as a confirmation.  Are you kidding me?  They weren’t.  I got the email.


Was this an attempt at having the last word?  Did some moron think this was necessary AND a good idea?

This has been such a long post rant.  I think I’ll publish it now, have dinner should something else bloggable come about, I’ll tell ya tomorrow.

<end rants>


  1. Sigh. Poor Garret. You have worse customer service problems than I have road rage problems... and that's saying a lot.

    Because of your help with my upcoming sister vacation I have decided not to criticize your grammar in this post. However, if the suspense is killing you it's either "have gone there once" or "went there once," not have went there once.

    You're welcome.


  2. PS: LOVE the Dasher& Clea Show. When my cats get to it, one always comes up with a serious mouthful of the other. NOT, friendly. Oh... and when Jordan moves into his new apartment on Monday... guess who he's leaving behind? VELCRO!!! Turns out Jordan's new roommate is allergic to cats. Thank you Heavenly Father. I didn't know how I was going to manage when Jordan took Velcro away from me. I love that little bastard. Velcro. Not Jordan.

    Well... truth be told, I love that little bastard too.

    So many bastards, so little time.

    Thinking of you......

  3. Garret, that first letter is SO shady...full of usage/spelling/grammar errors which right away is a tip off that something's not right. It is not uncommon for companies to run credit checks on applicants, however...but this is so full of holes and not at all professionally presented...and also I think it is something they would first discuss with you at an in-person interview and THEN proceed with only if they were seriously considering hiring you...same as references. This letter is just full of red flags.

  4. I really like the Ronzoni Healthy Harvest products. Be sure to let us know how dinner turned out.

    Love the Dasher and Clea video! My fave part is at the end when Dasher runs to you when you call... but then when you urge him to play with Clea... he looks at her like "Are you kidding? I would never touch a CAT!"

  5. @Alix: Thank u 4 da gramma lesson. I seriously need help. I'm also comma happy. I do have awful customer service luck.

    I about spit out my coffee at the Jordan vs. Velcro love the bastard comments. Besides, I'd take him if you didn't. Jordan. Not Velcro.

    @Norma: Thank you! I thought it was just me reading too much into EVERYTHING. Job searches, customer service, I thought I was being old and crotchety. What a relief that I'm just old.

    @Liz: Dinner turned out OK. I put a lot of onions in it and they were sort of crunchy. The chicken came out well though. Flavor? I could have used a little more of something. The noodles were just fine. Perfect. Ya know I can't tell the difference much between whole wheat pasta and regular.

  6. What Alix and Norma said about grammar and the job letter!!! Well, Alix has already picked on you for your errors, so I'll let that ride. But the letter about the job is really scary, as Norma said. Bad, bad, bad!

    Love the video, but my Emma came running to see what all the growling was about. She has been known to try to get behind the monitor to find out where the other cat is when she hears one....

    Nancy in Iowa

  7. I'm with Norma. That letter lost me at the first sentence. I told you, Craigslist isn't worth the paper it's printed on :)

  8. Yikes about the job interview/credit check thing!

    Plus it seems customer service is just not important anymore. You would think that it would be more important than ever now.

  9. The only thing I knew of Craigslist was people looking for sex. Who knew you could find a job at the site?

    My boss got an email from a guest who praised me like crazy last week! Said I was A+ fantastic server!! People are so quick to send emails or make phone calls when their visit wasn't good, but rarely do so when it's exceptional.


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