3-11-10 Thursday (To The Jim)

It’s been another day of job searching and applying.  The highlight of the day, if I can even call it that, was giving Dasher a bath.  He wasn’t amused but I think he forgave me within 5 minutes.   

DIH - Dasher Yawns My phone began it’s road to recovery after the drowning incident.  Dasher has a play date with 2 other Italian Greyhounds.  I obsessed about cooties on my phone as well as if I’d remember how to live in a small space.  Read last year’s post, here.

Jim and I met up at the gym.  Can I just tell you that I hate the Jim/gym wording in the blog?  I have to work hard at keeping those words away from one another.  As you can see I gave up at the first sentence. 

This is a great place to stop since I have nothing to say today. I guess that’s what happens when I never even left the house today. Tomorrow is grocery shopping, maybe I’ll catch a funny photo.


  1. I hear ya, friend. I feel like I've been in a bunker for three months. Got the blues seriously bad... and yet, Wednesday was sunny and warm and I snapped out of it. For the day. Until it rained like a MF yesterday. More rain today.


    It's Spring {I think?}, so I get it, but come ON! If the sun doesn't come out and stay out soon, Imma jump off something.

  2. Hey guys, love your one year ago today links. Here is one of mine titled, "Life in an RV park with Jim and Garret"...http://rvbirdsofafeather.blogspot.com/2009/02/lifein-rv-park-with-jim-of-jim-and.html

    See if Jim, remembers that one.

    Ken from Tampa

  3. Ken, remember this isn't the only time someone died in an RV park when we stayed there. Salt Lake City at least once, maybe twice.

    Thanks for reminiscing with me.



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