3-14-10 Sunday (Time For A Change)

The time change.  Why, oh why can’t I just accept a time change without spending a day or 2 constantly doing mathematical calculations every time I look at the time?  Wow, I used the word “time” 3 times in one sentence.  Anyway – I glance at the time and then add or subtract and hour to figure out what time it used to be.  Why do I do this?  Anyone else?

With recent rains and warm weather, practically over night there’s been beautiful bloomed pink trees all over town.  Maybe Cherry Blossoms or Okame Cherry or Kwanzan Cherry.  Other research on the internet suggests Crepe Myrtles.  They are gorgeous, whatever the hell they are.  I’ll try to snap a photo later today when we’re out and about.

I wasn’t going to admit another meal at a Chinese buffet.  We’ve sworn them off for a while though (according to Jim).  I’m gonna place the blame primarily on Jim and second on me.  I suggested having Healthy Choice TV dinners for lunch and he replied, “We could do that or” and so it went.  Sure I could have been strong but when it comes to dieting, I’m easily swayed.  Too easy in fact.

Despite our fattening lunch decision, we absolutely had the best time.  I’ll preface this by telling you that back in 2008, I posted a Walmart Bingo card here.  Last week I poked fun at Chinese buffets, here.  This time, Jim and I had so much fun at the restaurant and we came up with a bingo/check list of sorts.  Common stuff at Chinese restaurants:

  1. Numbered tables:  What the hell?  Why do 90% of the Chinese restaurants have numbers some where on the wall or table?  Can they learn the table numbers just like every other restaurant?
  2. Cheese stuffed mushrooms: Cheese?  How many Chinese dishes do you know that have cheese in them?  And why is that anyway?  What do they have against cheese?
  3. Illuminated art: Sometimes, you even get a bonus for being illuminated AND being animated/motion photos!
  4. Lame desserts: We’re never impressed.  At least they usually have ice cream. 
  5. Pepsi products: Perhaps more popular in China?  Often pronounced “Peh-see”.
  6. Paper lanterns with tassels: Probably a decorating error even amongst the Chinese people.
  7. Knives: Oh, the lack of knives.  Rarely is one ever included in the flatware setups.
  8. Ewwwww: Ate something so bad you had to spit it out.
  9. Ewwwwww: Saw something on the buffet that you didn’t get for fear of spitting it out.
  10. Grammar: I know I’m mean but it’s just damn funny.
  11. Spelling: See #10

Here’s a photo or two of #1 and #8 we witnessed:

2010-03-14 01 2010-03-14 02

#10 on the checklist:



More absolute fun to the day was a trip to Rose’s.  Jim says he’s been to one several years ago and that it’s similar to KMart.  Let’s check it out.

2010-03-14 03 Above: “Full Figure” and “Lycra” in the same sentence.  It should be illegal. 

2010-03-14 04 2010-03-14 05 2010-03-14 06 2010-03-14 07

Some other finds:

2010-03-14 10Above: ONLY $3!!!!  Expect one for Christmas.

2010-03-14 08 Above: Teach your children the importance of pre-natal care.

It’s hard to make this post.  I can’t stop laughing at all the stuff today.  Really.

DIH - Animated Stretch It was a year ago that we were in the close quarters RV park.  We were surrounded by some beauty but mostly ugly stuff.  There’s lots of pictures.  In the evening we went to a casino for a cheap night of food and entertainment.

Onward to BJ’s.  Remember 1 day at a Walmart parking lot we saw seagulls?  This time, ducks geese (Alix, thanks for correcting JIM).  Very strange.  Just sitting right in the middle of the parking lot.

2010-03-14 12 Above: AND just like other locals, they obviously can’t park either.

2010-03-14 13 Above: I wonder what they were buying?

And finally, how about some Dasher & Clea cuteness to end with?

 2010-03-14 14 2010-03-14 15 2010-03-14 16 2010-03-14 17 2010-03-14 18 2010-03-14 19 2010-03-14 20

Oh wait.  Here’s a photo from last night that I cropped.  Here’s the original.  I deleted it and then decided to recover it.    This.is.the.worst.photo.of.me.ever.  I’ll post it anyway because I know that it’s good incentive to lose the weight and because I might be fat, but your ugly and I can lose weight.

2010-03-13 02 

I’m hoping that was just air between my body and my shirt.  I don’t know and I don’t want to dig that deep.  It’s gross.  I’m gonna head over to Rose’s for some Lycra.  There.


  1. LOVE all your purty Easter bonnets.

    And, um, Garret... those are Canadian geese, NOT ducks, you idiot.

    Love ya!

  2. Damn Canadians! See, and I asked Jim before I posted. I asked are these geese or ducks?

    {cue game show buzzer}

  3. Actually, Alix (heh heh!), they are Canada Geese! True!

    Garret, I'm sure that's either air or Clea is hiding under your shirt...

    Nancy in Iowa

  4. Oops - I forgot (I'm a senior, you know) - I love the photo of Dasher and Clea both looking at you while messing around. "Are you looking? Is the camera working?"


  5. The hats, purple is your color.
    And there's a good reason I don't do buffets!

  6. Ummmm that doll scares me. I believe there is some sort of arm deformity going on there. Please do not send me one for Christmas. Love you bunches.


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