3-8-10 Monday (Where’s The Beef?)

I created a things to do list.  By the time I finished writing the list, I had about 25 items.  Then I was saddened by my huge list.  Then I was happy – stuff to do. 

I cleaned the hot tub cover, the patio storage cabinet and the patio sink.  It was actually an enjoyable experience.  The weather was perfect!

image The dentist called!  The woman scheduled me for tomorrow.   She apologized that my call wasn’t returned sooner and claims to have only gotten one call from me.  On the plus side they have a website so I was able to print all the new patient forms, fill them out at home and then bring them in.  It saves them paper and delays too, I’d imagine.

image Jim was supposed to working from his own desk today.  They had the whole class go and work one on one with someone else.  I guess to watch them.  Jim is bored so tomorrow he’s going to ask if he can review some loans on his own or something. 

Speaking of Jim, a reader asked when he’d be blogging.  His answer was “probably not”.  Mostly because right now he works 9-6.  We meet at the gym at 6:15pm, we work out, do cardio, home at 8pm, shower, eat dinner, he checks email/Facebook and then TV until about 10 or 10:30.  Bed time.

I went to Bloom, picked up 8 NY strips at $5.49 per pound.  I seasoned them, put 2 per Foodsaver bag and vacu-sealed them. 


I went to Walmart.  Here’s what I bought:


16 regular diet + 8 diet Dr. Pepper knock-offs.  A little over a week’s supply.  Yeah, yeah, he’s heard it all before.  Poison this, kidney that, blah blah blah.   The fun part?  As I stand in the check out lane, someone will say, “Having a party?”  Today while I loaded the cart, I met Jim’s match in a female variety.  She admitted she carried a HUGE cup and drank lots of diet coke.   Ut oh, competition at the Walmart diet soda section.

The weather today was perfect.  I got to wear a short sleeve shirt!

Back to my list.


  1. Now that's a lotta soda (or pop, depending on where you live)

  2. Wowza! That is a TON of soda! Ack! Maybe Jim and that other lady can have a drinking contest and Wal mart can sponsor it and the winner gets a lifetime supply!!

  3. You should have gotten her number. I would love to meet her.



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