3-13-10 Saturday (Mexican Aussie)

We were up until midnight last night watching mindless HGTV shows like House Hunters and the like.  We should have watched a movie.  The hot tub was out of the question.  We had thunder, lightning and a down pour. Jim got up early – I’m not sure at what time exactly, but I was out of bed by 8. 

Jim reassembled as much of the RV stairs as he could from the comfort of the garage.  Once it was assembled, he went to the RV to install them.  They didn’t work after he installed the new linkage.  He thinks he may have fried the control unit for it which is $100-$200.  What can ya do?

Without incident, we drove the RV to Camping World in Statesville, and dropped it off to have our fridge fixed.   In July, we had it fixed because it wouldn’t work in electric mode.  Within a month we realized that it won’t work in propane mode after the repairs.  We 2010-03-10 001 looked over the receipt and saw it had a 1 year warranty so we didn’t rush to have it fixed.  In all honestly, the only time we didn’t know it wasn’t working is when we moved to a new RV park.  Even then, it takes about 5 minutes before it stops working.  We initially thought the pilot light blew out (it’s happened before).   It’s hard to get stuff taken care of when we lived in it.  Once we moved here we figured we’d have it repaired on the way to where ever we’d be using it as our weekend getaway.  So here we are, 8 months later.  Cameron (service dude) told me over the phone to make sure we bring the receipt since it’s unusual to have that long of a warranty.  Really?  In automotive it was typically 12/12 (12 months or 12,000 miles). 

2010-03-13 003Above: Of course when we want to move the RV, it was “wedged”.

2010-03-13 006  Above: I followed behind in the BMW. 2010-03-13 005

DIH - Fun Mirror Today was San Diego Zoo day.  This was a great zoo.
My Mom was admitted to the hospital again.
Meerkats are so cute!
Read all about it here.

Remember my box of Bounty paper towels?  If not, you can click here.  I spotted this in Walmart.  No, I didn’t buy it.   Have you seen it?  Cool premise.

2010-03-12 002

Now back to our show.

We arrived at Camping World, proudly showed our receipt.  Cameron says, “Well that’s 1 year warranty on labor and 6 months on parts.”  I calmly indicated that’s not what it indicates but nor here or there, let’s get it looked at and find out what’s wrong.  He informs us that he’d have to call the other Camping World to see what they’d want to do.  THEN he notices that that Camping World has closed down.  We’ll see what happens but I’m thinking phone calls to corporate and other whine lines may be needed.

Jim, being the wonderful trip planner that he is, got a BOGO for a restaurant close to Camping World which was good since we were damn hungry by the time we finished up.

2010-03-13 007 

Ahhhh, if only the food at Charanda’s was as impressive as the decor and the ambiance.  Jim ordered guacamole.  1 minute later (which left us feeling like it came out of a vat or something) this tiny ramekin of $3.50 guacamole appeared on the table.  It tasted “OK”.  Jim and I both ordered the Chimichangas.  $9.50!   They were to be 2 served with refried beans and topped with a “guacamole salad” (their words, not mine).  I was expecting the traditional large sized Chimichangas.  They were the size of taquitos.  They had a good flavor.  The refried beans were runny.  No rice.  The “salad” was shredded lettuce, guac and pico de galo atop the mini-hard-to-find Chimi’s.  Luckily with the chips and salsa, it was more than enough food. 

Fast forward hours ahead…

We went to dinner with Doug of Doug and Bill.  Bill was out of town.  Jim and I had an Outback gift card to use up from Christmas.  We also had a coupon (turned out to be expired) for a free Bloomin’ Onion. Even though we coupon was expired, apparently Jim  was psyched up for it already, so order it, he did.  The onion seemed undercooked and was very crunchy and had a lot of the raw onion flavor. The food runners messed up Jim’s salad and other minor details but this blog entry is too damn long already so we’ll skip that.  The food overall was “OK”.  I know, I know, what were we expecting from a chain?  Our server, Katie, was awesome and I had her summon the manager to our table so that I could tell him.  Turns out she’s only been there a month and she gets some sort of pin because of our compliments.  Go Katie!

After dinner, back to Doug’s for socializing.  There’s several photos of me and Chloe.  She’s such a sweet dog.

2010-03-13 01 2010-03-13 02 2010-03-13 03  2010-03-13 05Above/Below: Doug 2010-03-13 06

From Mexican to Australian, we’re world wide baby.

The End


  1. I LOVE DOUG!! What a handsome and fun guy!

    But honestly, Garret, you and Chloe make the cutest pair. Really

    Bulletin to Jim: Inspect photo #3!!

    True Love!



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