3-2-10 Tuesday (Incompletes)

I’m having issues completing tasks.  I set up the dishwasher last night but forgot to turn it on.  I put wet clothes in the dryer, checked it a half hour later and discovered I should have pushed a button to start the damn thing!  I put the dryer on.  I thought I should start another load of wash.  20 minutes later I realized I never started the laundry.

I was surprised by snow as I exited a Walmart today.  Yep, kinda stunned.  Last I knew we were expecting a “wintery mix”.  I think I forgot.  See paragraph above.  Forgetting is kinda the same, right? 

IMG_0007 Above: The backyard.

I spoke to Jodi earlier.  She was making good time.  She thanked me for a shitty lunch at Hooters (she picked it but I paid – apparently that makes it my bad?) and I thanked her for all the frickin’ long hairs all over the bathroom.  I miss her already. 

Jodi recently retired from being a pig cop.  As long as I’ve known her to be a cop, I’ve never cracked the usual donut jokes until this weekend.  Of course she was a little defensive.  I thought I heard a squeal noise.

Here’s Jodi’s entry into our guest book (click to enlarge).  I can’t thank Carl & Tim enough for this treasure. 


With Jodi gone, time to wash the guest room sheets.


IMG_0025  Above: Next guest please?

Oh and that hair on the bathroom floor. 



See, if Alix came to visit this wouldn’t have been a problem.

After I dehaired the place, I premade tonight’s dinner – being careful not to get any hair in the food.  Tonight is a chicken cordon bleu of sorts.  Breaded chicken topped with low fat cheese and ham.  I’ve made it a few weeks ago and it came out pretty tasty.  For our side dish, stuffed portabella mushrooms.  It’s hit or miss with these mushrooms.  I just toss stuff in. 

 IMG_0008Above: Garlic, stuffing mix, imitation crab meat,  sharp cheaddar, parsley, onion powder, celery salt, wine.  Missing from this batch is lemon juice, Kasari and Gouda cheese.



I’ll let ya know how they turn out.  I plan to bake them at 350° for about 30 minutes.  That’s one hell of a recipe, huh?

I did the typical online job hunting.  My employment bookmarks are growing.  Nothing though.  I got some Dear John letters from Wells Fargo for a couple of positions I applied for the other day. 

Oh wait no longer on the outcome of the stuffed mushrooms.  They came out OK.  Not thrilling, not bad.  Just OK.  The chicken


  1. "Wintry mix" to me means Bailey's and coffee.

  2. @Wolfie: That's thinking outside the box!

  3. I love cooking posts!! One question tho... WHY imitation crab meat? It's just doesn't taste like crab, period. Buy the real stuff for crying out loud.

    Nice picture of Cousin Itt. I'm supposing that's Jodi and not me. Oh how surprised you're going to be when you find out that I actually have a full head of hair now. Shall I email you a pre-reveal photo? Prepare to eat some words Garret. I look good with real hair. It's short and silvery. I like it, but I'm still wigging it too. I have choices! Yay.

    Now, about Jodi...

    She is someone I know I would love immediately. You can just tell she's "good people" and fun. Even if she does leave her long hair all over the joint. But clicking on the guest book doesn't enlarge the image. Just opens it up into a new window.

    Oh... and I"m not being hyper critical or anything, but do you really need to tweeze hairs off the bathroom floor? Haven't you heard of the great invention called a Dust Buster?

    Glad you all had a fun trip. Looking forward to doing the same. XO

  4. @Alix: Thanks so much for bitching, I mean pointing out the flaws in my post.

    Imitation crab meat? Well, it's what the original recipe holder had so I've done just that. Next time maybe I should try the real stuff.

    Yes, I'd love to see your sexy new hair, silvery-mama.

    The guestbook photo probably won't enlarge because it's at it's biggest size already. I checked the blog for other photos I've said "click to enlarge" and it did enlarge. I think I'll make the photo larger to bigin with and then resize to smaller which should create the effect I was going for.

    It wasn't tweezers. It was a mini-broom of sorts used for cleaning out hair in electric clippers/razors. :-) Fitting.

    Come on up!

  5. Be careful with all of this forgetting, Garrrrret. I'm beginning to think it's menopause season at Casa de Two Gays.

  6. The mushrooms look yummy... I'm thinking something besides cheddar and finishing off in the broiler might step them up from "OK."

  7. @Liz: yeah I've been making these for 15 years and they are delish. Usually with Kasari and Gouda cheese. I'm not sure what happened. It's been well over a year since I made them.

    @Chef: Change that Google account photo, will ya? It's creepy lookin'.

  8. I just noticed the Lucky Duck Sauvignon Blanc in the background. Sniff. Makes me miss my LuLu.

    The mushrooms dooooo look tantalizing tho. I figured I owed you at least one compliment.



  9. Even after all these years you never cease to make me laugh! I am not really sure how you do it but keep it up.
    Im in Florida now and all I can seem to think about is how many OLD people are here! They are everywhere! In the gym this morning in my complex there was about 6 old folks and me!! Crazy!
    I love the pics with the tweezer, very funny. The mushrooms look delish!
    I cant be cousin it because I dont really have that much hair so you must be referring to Alix!
    Thanks for posting my very personal and private journal entry fo all to see! :)
    Miss you too! :)

  10. @Jodi: Old people. Every where in Florida. LOL. None here. I did see 2 old ladies in scooters today at BJs. It was crazy. Personal and private journal entry. Uh yeah, uh huh. Love ya!


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