3-4-10 Thursday (Inclement Service)

Craigslist scared me again.  I emailed my resume in response to a position.  I received another email which directed me to a site.  Now why wouldn’t you just use Monster.com or CareerBuilder.com to find potential employees?  I clicked on the link and filled out the first page of information with totally fake info to see what happens.  It was all ad after ad for other crap along with fees to make my job search “more effective”.   I’ve almost given up on craigslist and the scams that run around on that service.  Have any of you been taken advantage of by fraudulent sites? 

email Above: Click to enlarge the email.  Don’t you wish everything was clickable-enlarging?  Ummmmm bigger steaks.  What else did you think I was taking about?

Just as CitiGroup did, Wells Fargo offers domestic partnership benefits.  Jim signed up as soon as possible.  Our coverage has kicked in quickly.  He had asked several coworkers for dentist recommendations.  One was a group of dentists with tons of locations.  We’ve had a bad experience with that sort of dental-chain-thing.  Here’s just another example of poor service:

On Tuesday, we got that snow fall for most of the day.  The threat to be was that it will probably freeze the next day.  Jim had to call a phone number in the morning to make sure it was business as usual.  I’m not even sure if he called it because it never froze, and the roads were wet with no ice.  In he went.  I called the dentist and the answering machine spewed they were closed for “inclement weather”.  I called yesterday afternoon and got a normal outgoing message to which I left my name, my phone number and that I was a potential new client.  Yes, I said that.  No phone call back.  I’m a little pissed.   Is this the service you’re accustomed to providing?  Have you never been taught the rule that morning messages should be returned before lunch and afternoon calls before the end of the day?  Maybe it’s time to look for a different dentist – screw the recommendations.

It was a year ago today that my Uncle Alan died.  I think his death hit our family especially hard because he was my Mom’s second brother to die of HIV/AIDS related diseases.  I’m going to call my Mom and check in on her later. 

Alan MemorialAbove: You can click to enlarge.  Really.  I fixed it this time.  This is something several of us family members put together on the computer and then had Kinko’s FedEx make it into a huge poster to display at the funeral.


  1. Thinking of you and mom and the memory of Uncle Alan today.

    And if I haven't told you lately, I love you.

  2. I remember when your uncle died- and I'm glad you memorialized him today and shared the poster.

    Chain dentists scare me.

    Bigger when clicked... I have no clue what else you possibly could be referring to. *bats eyelashes*

    I guess companies post on Craigslist because there are people like you out there looking! ;)

  3. @Alix: Thanks! Love ya too!

    @Liz: Luckily I have like 20 other resources I check. monster.com, carrerbuilder.com, city, county, state, banks, etc

  4. Blessings to your mom and family as you guys remember your uncle.

  5. What a beautiful poster! Just based on the picture, his smile, and the twinkle in his eyes, I know I would have loved Uncle Alan.

    Re the email - yikes! I remember checking out a few job ads like that, but all of them scared me off. I was an English major in college and, in this one, the spelling in particular was frightening for a so-called professional. The one that leaped out at me was "bare with me..."

  6. @Mom L: Thanks. Oh and I have more craigslist scariness coming up for today's post.


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