3-12-10 Friday (Zarbucks and Starbucks)

no-excuses-480 The rental maintenance guy came out for a few repairs today.  During Jodi’s stay, we found out that a few (3) of the doors (a bedroom, a closet and a bathroom) don’t latch closed.  By just pushing on them, they’d open.  I think Jodi may have been interrupted by Dasher in such a fashion.  The vent in the guest/storage room won’t close off either.  The guy fixed these items today.  The masterbath vent doesn’t blow any air.  Before even checking it he was quick to give me excuses of why there would be nothing he could do.  Baffle this, the way it was designed that.  I, of course, gave him the “I really don’t care what you say look”, not to be confused with the “I have gas look”.  Mr. Excuse went up into the attic, and eventually came down full of excuses.  We’ll see.

BMW Currently I’m at the BMW dealer having Jim’s car serviced.  I had a 1:30 appointment.  I brought my laptop along to keep me occupied since they offer Wi-Fi and work stations.  They say it will take an hour and a half for the oil service and car wash.  $100.  Yak now what though, the oil changes are once every 20,000 miles or something.  I can’t remember what it worked out to.  I’m sure Jim will clarify in the comments section.

Unfortunately all 4 work stations were taken up.  Annoyingly, some guy and his son seemed to be taking up 2-3 of the areas.  The father goes in and out of the waiting room to talk on his phone.  His what appears to be mentally slow teenage son follows him.  Mentally slow or not, make room for others to use the desks.  I guess it’s not a big deal since the desks are all on top of each other.  I found an outlet to plug into at the general waiting room.

Another strange bird at the desks is a lady with hooker heels who carries a small Chihuahua in her arms.  She’s not attractive enough to A- wear hooker heals or B- carry a cute dog in her arms. 

The waiting room is nice.  The dealer offers a fresh by the cup Starbuck’s coffee and hot cocoa brew station.  There’s a glass fronted fridge with free water and soda as well.  A basket with muffins sit on the counter calling my name.  Well, eventually screaming as I bit into them.  Picture it, go ahead.  I’ll wait. 

Here’s what the machine looks like.  I found a photo online.  It’s called the Starbuck’s Interactive Cup.


Oooo, the father and son team left.  I just talked to the woman with the long haired 5 month old Chihuahua.  She just left too.  The desk area is open but I think I’m liking this except for the hot laptop on my lap.

DIH - Joshua A year ago, we planned out the next leg of our trip.  Part of it will include the Zarbucks!  I spoke about my Uncle’s funeral service and how we included his love of Barbra, cleaning and rabbits into a display.  My cousin fattened me up with home made chocolates.  I spoke about having foods I had missed while away from Fort Myers. 

I’ve been here for 1.5 hours and hope to be called any minute.  I still have grocery shopping to do.  Later – it’s off to the gym and then home for chili that’s cooking in the crockpot.  Mmmmm.  Here’s my ingredients:




After the dealer I went directly to Walmart for my weekly grocery shopping.  I shopped as quickly as I could to allow enough time to get home, unload the groceries, change and then get to the gym.  Success!


  1. Damn, now I want chili instead of the beef stew I had planned! And I love the mix of beans, except for the pintos - never did like them. However, I could eat black beans in anything!

    Nancy in Iowa

  2. I was NOT the strange bird lady at the dealership, even though I'm certainly unattractive enough to be her.

    How was the chili?

  3. @Alix: The chili was DIVINE!

    @Mom L: I doubt you'd taste any specific bean in the mix. It's all one big happy flavor and delish too!

  4. OOOO how i love following!! I certainly dont know why you dont go into journalism!!!! And I always add cumin to my chili..never thought of black beans,i will give them a try next

  5. I add cumin to my chili too, Sonia!

    I had a hard time reading this post. I've now developed a muffin-phobia... I'm terrified that muffins are going to start talking to me and screaming at me. Thanks for THAT visual. Ack!

  6. @Sonia: Thanks for the journalism comment! Jim says HI!

    @Liz: Screaming...


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