3-10-10 Wednesday (Chewing The Fat)

The weather has turned to shit for the rest of the week.  Rainy and dreary.  There’s pros and cons to it.  See, just as we got the hot tub up and running, it warmed up outside.  I wished we would have been able to soak in it while it was snowing or just plain cold.  The good thing about the rain is it cooled the temperatures down and made it a good hot tub experience.  It even rained a little while we were in it.

There’s some good points to not having the hot tub under a patio cover anymore.  At night we can lay in the hot tub and stare at the stars and the awesome looking tree line at the back of the property.  The tree line is illuminated from behind with a relaxing glow of city lights.  The whole package is perfect.

DIH - Animated 2 A year ago today, I departed Florida to rejoin Jim in San Diego.  On a bathroom trip during my Dallas airport layover, my cell phone took a dive into the toilet. 

Job hunting takes a long time.  I start my day at 8am, look at approximately 25 job websites.  Setting up accounts, uploading resumes, creating cover letters, inputting job experiences and the like takes long!  It took 4 hours to apply for 2 jobs.  Yeah, that included my breakfast, finding the jobs to begin with, coffee refills, coffee recycling, etc. 

Jim’s new hours are going to be beneficial for both of us.  With him packing a gym bag the night before and me meeting him there, we can’t skip the gym as easily.  No procrastinating! 

I ordered “The New Atkins for a New You” book.  Several years ago I was on Atkins eating pork rinds, bacon and lots of fat.  It worked for me.  I’m excited to read up on the new concept of leaner proteins and such.  I’m sure the newest method excludes excess fat intake.


Time to get ready for the gym.  Tonight is legs, core and cardio.  Oy.


  1. Why won't you listen to me and get The Eat Clean Diet for Men?

  2. I forgot about it. Don't hurt me. I just went to the website. It's like the caveman diet thing. All natural, stay away from the fake crap.

  3. My poor old bod is killing me Garret. Because of the weather, I have been doing a lot of resistance and weight training instead of endless loops around the neighborhood. I miss my walking. I have a treadmill, but it's different. Plus, when I'm walking on the TM I watch the Food Network, so it offsets. Calories enter me by osmosis.

    And the weights are starting to make my knees complain. God! I'm an old person! Shit!

  4. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/35819203/ns/health-diet_and_nutrition/ Just saw this on msnbc...check it out. :)


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