3-3-10 Wednesday (Job Warnings)

For the first time, I’ve looked for a job using craigslist.  Can I just tell you that there’s a lot of scariness on that site? 

craigs Above: The warning by craigslist (click to view).

I’m on so many different sites.  I have them all bookmarked.  It’s a nice feature to “open all in tabs” and have every job seeking related site open up for me to review.

I just deleted two paragraphs.  I got all sad and whiny about the job thingy.  I’m strong, I’ll find a job, I’ll love my job, I’ll be happy, it’s all me.  Thanks.

Eventually, I decided to take a ride to Monro which is the place I had the steering line replaced at.  I’ve been seeing oil/fluid on the garage floor again.  They took the Jeep while I browsed around BJ’s.  They determined it was probably engine oil.  They did have some engine oil leak recommended repairs from the prior visit but I really don’t want to spend the money.  I think I’ll live with and monitor the small leak for now.

Jim got home, we skipped the gym and did not pass Go.  We went to TGI Fridays.  Appetizer, meal and dessert for $12.99.  Our server, Chance, was perfect.  He remembered everything.  Our drinks never ran out.  Perfect meal, perfect price, perfect service. 

With food settling in our guts, Jim read a few blog entries.  Apparently I had some errors to correct.  I corrected a bunch of errors from the previous posts so you should go reread them all and make sure.  I’ll wait here.

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  1. I just read back sixteen pages and it all looks good!

    PS: I have a surprise for you in my post from earlier today: Double Ochos.

    Love ya.


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