3-1-10 Monday (Go Scan Yourself!)

Sometimes it’s difficult to entertain out of town guests.  It becomes the whole “what do you want to do” with replies of “I don’t know, what do you want to do” situation.  Sometimes mix in a few “I don’t know, whatever is fine” with some “What is there to do?” and you have a standoff of sorts.  Luckily, Jodi had a couple of things she wanted to do mixed in with some things I wanted to do and then later mixed in with stuff we had to do (emergencies I’ll talk about later). 

I wanted to show Jodi the RV.  Off we went.  I gave her the grand tour, showing her all the features.  She filmed a video of me giving a second tour.  Ya know, I forgot to get a copy of that but the file is probably monster sized.  When she posts it, maybe I’ll include it in a later post.

Jodi wanted her new car washed so we went to Autobell.

2010-03-01 04

2010-03-01 11  Above: Jodi coaches the young lad.  “You’ll clean my rubber mats, won’t you?”

Next, we needed some pico de gallo to complete my guacamole recipe.  I specifically chose Bloom to show off their way cool technology of not just self scanning but scanning while you shop.  I’ve blogged about it here in the past. 

2010-03-01 16Above: Scan my club card, the scanner lights up, we grab a bag and off we go scanning and scanning.  It’s so much fun, who cares if you have to pay for it.  Oh.  There’s always a catch.

2010-03-01 13

2010-03-01 12  2010-03-01 14  

Wasn’t that fun?  On the way home, Jodi’s car audio system “crashed”.  A message on the fancy screen said to call a dealer.  Her iPod wouldn’t work through the stereo.  Also stereo buttons were nonresponsive, she couldn’t even turn it off.  Navigation warned it might not work right.  Blue Tooth phone connection was wiped out.  What a mess.  She kind of needs all these things for her 10 hour drive to Florida tomorrow. 

I could tell Jodi was getting sick about it.  She was more sad than pissed.  I have to tell you, this stereo is was so cool.  We got home, I called the dealer, they invited us in. I took the Jeep so we’d have wheels to do something while they looked at it.  By the time we got there, the stereo worked.  The advisor reset the system too as an extra step.  It was after 2pm and we still needed some lunch.

We dropped the Jeep off at home and drove into Uptown.  We parked, and started on a walking sightseeing tour of sorts.  Unfortunately, we never got much further than Hooters.  We ate lunch.  Ick.  Jodi had fatty icky ribs, and I had chicken mcnuggets in a mild “hot” sauce.  Did I mention ick?  We seemed to have stayed there so long, talking to our cute server, Ashleah, that we ran out of meter time and decided to just go home.

2010-03-01 22 2010-03-01 21

On a side note: The place was dead so Ashleah was very attentive.  A new manager came over, and we got to talking.  He was the manager at Hooters in Fort Myers.  Funny.

Anyway, we decided to walk off lunch.  We went to the Northlake mall.  Jodi looked at some new shoes.

2010-03-01 23 2010-03-01 24 Above: I dared her to smell them.  She did.

As 5pm neared we talked about dinner plans and decided to cook some steaks and veggies at home.  Another stop at Bloom!  Steaks, fresh asparagus, salad and a baked potato for Jim.  Jodi’s recipe for the asparagus: bake/broil with olive oil, sea salt, pepper and grated Romano cheese.  Yum.  It was all tasty.

2010-03-01 25 2010-03-01 27

That’s red wine in the black glasses (all the others are packed away).  See I drank!  Jim’s Big Gulp cu sure completes the look… huh?

Jodi had to see the 2 hour finale of The Bachelor so watch we did.  He picked her?

Sadly, Jodi had to leave very early the next morning.  Like early while we were sleeping.  On her way back to NY in a month, she’ll stop through again!


  1. Steak, salad, asparagus, red wine... yum!

    I've never eaten at a Hooters. Don't think I ever will. I don't do wings and such in the first place... those places rarely offer any healthy options. There's a BW3 craze around here- but when I take my kids, my only options are fried, fried, and more fried. Blech.

    Spending time with friends is always fun- no matter what (mis)adventures you have!

  2. "Spending time with friends is always fun- no matter what (mis)adventures you have!" Spot on Liz!

  3. You had mc nuggets in Hooters?! Does McDonalds know Hooters is selling their product? lol!
    Holy moly, those were HUGE steaks! Jodi loves her asparagus! Personally,(well,i guess not anymore!) asparagus make my pee smell! lolol! I'm glad you had fun with Jodi and her piss gum! lol! xoxo

  4. I love Jodi. Jodi is my Jedi.

    She is so cool she smelled athletic shoes for you. You need to worship at her altar, and by that I do NOT mean anything sexual. Sheesh. What is it with you gays.

    Anywhoo.... just popped in from my winter funk to say hello and I love you and I miss you and I save all your voicemail messages on my cell phone.

    I lead a sad and sorry life. I know. I do.

    That's why I'm moving to Charlotte to stay with you and Jim indefinitely. OMG... think of the fun we'll have!

  5. @Michelle: I was thinking the same thing. You and food odors. The steaks were huge but thin. Yummy too.

    @Alix: When does the moving truck arrive?


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