3-14-09 Saturday (Cheap Date)

We got up early today but it still ended up being a slow moving morning. We've been kinda futzin' around with little projects. It wasn't planned, it just sort of evolved. Aside from my usual and constant laundry duties, I've done some cleaning and organizing. Jim has been working on finding RV parks for our upcoming journeys. He's also managed to buff and wax the RV door. The door has some scratches on it and like the rest of the coach, is dull.

As I type this, at noon, we have no specific plans for the day. I'm feeling pretty lazy yet I don't want to be. Yeah, I'm confused too.

With camera in hand, I took Dasher for a walk. I decided I'd take some photos of some pretty things here in the park and just because I'm a wild man, I'd throw in some not so pretty. I have to tell you that the not so pretty out weighs the pretty. I just didn't have the time to photograph all of the not so pretty. That would take too long. I should be positive and upbeat. Let me try. {Singing Voice} "I'm POSITIVE there's a lot of not so pretty stuff here."

Pretty, eh?

These 2 unit's slide outs are inches apart from one another!

Another pretty sight.

For lunch, I heated up some left over chili and made some wraps. After cleaning up from lunch, I'm back to the dinette to continue blogging about what appears to be nothing important. Ah, yes, perhaps one of those annoyingly long blog days.

Several months later we're still putting up with a light fixture problem. The cheap plastic dual light over the dinette won't stay on all the time. One bulb stops working, then both, then they come back on. We've tried tightening the bulb prongs but it still won't work. I'm getting tired of whacking the light fixture to get it to come back on. It will be under $20 for a new one. I don't even know why I bothered typing all of that in. I think it's because the guy in the 3rd row looked interested.

My phone made some sort of reminder chime. Possibly a text message? Just a reminder, I have no screen on my phone. It's dead. I can't read or send text messages.

I called my Dad for a Mom-Update. It's confirmed that she has C-Diff again/still. Many articles and doctor's opinions are that it's a pain to get rid of. It sounds like C-Diff is harder to eliminate in recent years than ever before. Mom is on a different antibiotic and on a liquid diet. She's in a nice clean room. Visitors have to wear a gown and a mask or gloves or some combination. I found the perfect gown I'd surely wear to visit her.

Stunning, isn't it? I've got the gloves on too, however wearing a mask could surely cover up too much of my beautiful flesh.

A little later in the afternoon Jim comes up with going to a casino, signing up for their player's club and getting a free buffet meal. Sounds fun.... I'm on board.

It's a 45 minute drive and on the way we see a sign for Hellhole Canyon, a county park. Naturally with a name like that, we detoured to check it out. Not much. Some trails.

We continued to the Valley View Casino, parked, and found an eager-to-help employee. She could help us out with Player's Club cards and the buffet promo. The buffet was sold out. It was only 6pm. We had choices. We could get a $25.00 credit toward their steak house Black & Blue or some other credit or blah blah. We chose the steak house. We're hungry. There's many food venues and all are within the casino. We walked over to the steak house; several empty tables can be seen. Next available seating at 8pm. Argh. Sure, we'll take it. We go gamble. In the meantime it troubles me how a buffet can be sold out. I investigate. It's $27 for the dinner buffet. The line is VERY long. A sign says they will be expanding the seating soon. It's a very nice casino. If the buffet is anything like the steak house than I can see why the lines are so long.

OK, here's the steakhouse review. We were seated in a smaller room that had a table of 7 in it. They were very quiet despite their group size. For as fancy as the restaurant was, I was surprised to see a large flat screen TV on the wall above playing the Food Network Channel on it. I hardly think TV was appropriate. Anyways, this place was the fanciest place I've eaten at. It was a higher level than Ruth's Chris. After being seated, we were brought warm moist towels to freshen up with. Oooo la la. The menu binders were so big, I'm sure the hostess would need help carrying them if more than 5. Beverages $4, side dishes $6, 12oz prime rib $27. OK, get this, I ordered iced tea. She came with a carafe of lemon water, a carafe of sweetened water, ice cubes made of iced tea, and of course the iced tea. Iced tea ice cubes! Shoosh! Jim and I both ordered the prime rib. We decided to order a side each and share. Onion rings and asparagus were chosen. Bread service gave 3 choices! Just like a cruise!

Long blog entry!

Shown above: Butter for the bread was a stick of melted butter, herbs, and olive oil. The 12oz must have been the 16oz... it was huge. Notice on the right side was a small tray with olives, sun dried tomatoes and feta which accompanied bread service.

After dinner we went to the Player's club window with a dinner survey and were awarded credits. We got credits for this and that and then went on to gamble some more. As typical we played penny slots and both ended up ahead. We quit. We totaled our expenses. We spent $22 ($11 a person) for this night out. Not bad for a night out, with gambling and prime rib dinners!


  1. Sounds like a great night all the way around! Good job!

    Love your dress, it's so you!

    I'm so glad your mom is in a different hospital this time! I hope she gets excellent care... sure sounds like it with the precautions they're taking.

  2. The purple flower pic is gorgeous!!!

    Your casino date really sounds fun!! And what a hih fallutin' place to eat! Woowoo!


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