6-15-11 Wednesday & 6-16-11 Thursday


Today is normally me day off but due to training it will be tomorrow.  We finished up training and headed out to the “floor” to watch coworkers in action with the new system.  Unfortunately, everyone had their own “interpretation” of how to use the new system.  One person wouldn’t use one aspect while another wouldn’t use another.  Some of us were doing things we didn’t have to anymore.  It was like we all worked at different companies.  I wonder what my “interpretation” will be?

Armed with enough knowledge to be dangerous, we returned to the training room to take a final computer assessment and then a survey about the class.  I scored everything positively… even the instructor.  Originally I was going to blast her but then she didn’t say li-berry anymore a coworker, Lee, convinced the class to score her positively.  He compared her surveys to that of what we get from customers and our job.  Ugh.

It was time to head out to the floor and get to work… so my boss said.  I took 2 calls.  On my first, one of the screens wouldn’t pull over information I needed.  On the second call I constantly got an error while trying to order a debit card.  Others were having various problems so we were all pulled off the phones to continue watching until they could get the system working for us.  That meant 2 hours of nothing.  I wandered and watched others in action.  I also started a list of improvements I’d like to see on the new system.  Yes, already.  Some of it is really nice and other parts are weak.

My company has a fantastic online recommendation box of sorts.  The company tracks them, assigns them to supervisors, etc.  A few days ago I reported an error on a screen that we still use with the new and old system.  I submitted my suggestion and a day later a supervisor asked for clarification and a demonstration stating she needed to gather more information for a conference call.  Wow.  That impressed me.  I even got a little pin in interoffice mail commending me.  I’m a nerd.


Laundry, grocery shopping, etc.  All the typical stuff - although somewhere about mid-day I felt exhausted then a little while later I felt bored out of my skull.  Go figure.

I did get to stop by the house again:

2011-06-16 001

Above/Below: We have windows!  We have shingles going on!

2011-06-16 002

Later when Jim got home from work, we went again.  He hasn’t seen the interior upstairs at all.  A couple of times he’s come by, workers were on site.

2011-06-16 003Above: Workers gone.  Shingles installed.

Neighbors.  There’s always the one.  You know.  The one (or 2 or 3).  The one that keeps Christmas lights up or takes 3 days after trash pickup to remove their trash cans or the loud music or won’t mow or whatever.  (You can see our past gripes with our neighbors here and here.

Caddy corner from our future house is an Asian family.  Well, the men I saw were Asian but I’m not sure what she is.  Anyway, they’re on the other side of the drainage ditch (like we have). 

2011-06-10 006

What’s with all the crap they left in the water?  They made a dam.  The above photo is from 7 days ago.

During today’s house visit, she’s using a hoe and tending her garden.  They’ve decided to plant stuff. They made a rock/wood retaining wall. Did they plant crops?

2011-06-16 005

2011-06-16 006

I’m not sure that they have rights to the ditch quite frankly.  And so it starts.  There goes the neighborhood.


  1. I've never been so excited for someone to have shingles before.

    I still would have given constructive criticism- there are ways to present dry information in a more interesting way. And I want to know how to improve - just hearing positives doesn't tell me much.

  2. Yes, they are growing crops...Wait until you start smelling their cooking and seeing the brood they create. Build a high fence.

  3. @Liz: Yay shingles! Yay! I know I should have criticized her as being very dull. She was. Ick.

    @Jodie: Oh crap. Jim and I, in a racist like fashion, joked it was rice paddies. Oy.

  4. But you're a cute nerd!!

    Are you going to sneak out in the night and swipe tomatoes?

  5. Thanks! Uhhhhh no swiping. Maybe I'll give them some weed killer.....

  6. "They made a dam." LOL

    Free cabbage for everyone!


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