6-3-11 and 6-4-11 (Friday & Saturday)


Last week I told you how we had a little uproar at work regarding a new job posting at my company.  Several of us complained and inquired.  I pointed out the schedule in the posting and was told, “Don’t worry about that.  They just put that there.”  Huh?  So you’re purposely advertising your new positions incorrectly?  Do you really want to hire a bunch of people who are disgruntled right out of the gate?  I’m not sure what they’re doing.  Honestly, I’m not quite sure they know either.  Over all, the feeling in the department is that there will be a lot of problems if the new hires get a better schedule rather than the shift-bid method the company supports.

In other work-related news, Jim found out that he will start training on Monday to underwrite for the new project, B*nk O* Am*ri*a.

Today we were also told that the foundation has been poured!  Yay.  Jim stopped by after work and said it looked like the bathroom plumbing is in the wrong place but it’s hard to tell and it’s hopefully right.

“…they passed all foundation inspections this week and were able to pour the concrete today! it will cure over the next few days and be ready for framing next week.  not sure what day lumber is coming since concrete was a couple days ahead of the schedule i had.  will let you know when i find out.”


It was off to work for me and Mike while Jim and Billy spent hours upon hours shopping Salvation Army stores and Goodwill stores all over town.

After work Jim and I went to the lot to take a peek at it’s progress.  We have a foundation!

2011-06-04 005Above/Below: 6-4-112011-06-04 006

Here’s some prior photos from June 1st:

2011-06-01 0042011-06-01 0012011-06-01 0022011-06-01 003

I was happy to see they didn’t try to reuse the pipes they dug out!  We don’t have a completion date but they’ll be able to estimate once the lumber arrives.  It seems to weird to have a house built of wood rather than concrete block.

Long John Silver’s has been advertising a family pack.  10 fish or chicken (we got a mix), hush puppies and 1 side for $10 so we stopped by and picked that up for dinner.  They shorted us 2 pieces.  We probably won’t complain or anything.  Maybe it’s karma for when the cashier thought I was poor/homeless or something?

We’ve got plans for tomorrow.  Lunch and dinner plans actually!  Stay tuned!

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