6-5-11 Sunday (The Power Of Twine)

We had an awesomely fun day with Billy and Mike.  We picked them up at about noon and headed to The Liberty in South End for brunch.  The burgers weren’t cooked to order.  They were awfully raw… We weren’t impressed but did manage to have a good time.  Jim and I have been there previously so today we spent our last Groupon

2011-06-05 002Above: Billy & Mike.

Meanwhile, in the parking lot:

2011-06-05 003Above: Nope, not our car, although I did admire criticize the “there, I fixed it” repair.

We explored Dilworth and South End a little bit, showing Billy and Mike the sights.  We had a little fun at an antique/mall/flea market type place in NODA called Peddler’s Post.

2011-06-05 010Above: Mike.  Hello?

2011-06-05 004Above: Art class mannequin and Garret.

2011-06-05 006Above: Mike.  Look what he found.

2011-06-05 007Above: Jim

2011-06-05 009Above: Mike dreams about Arms Of Steel.

With hours of exploring under our belts, we dropped off Mike and Billy to their house and went home to start dinner where they later joined us:

Champagne, wine, cards, coffee, dinner, cake…

2011-06-05 016Above: Mike

2011-06-05 011Above: Billy… with the help of Clea

2011-06-05 012

Above/Below: Birthday boy Billy

2011-06-05 013


2011-06-05 014Above: Dasher

2011-06-05 015Above: Billy

Jim won Phase 10.  We’ll get a rematch in soon!

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