6-7-11 Tuesday (Responseless)

On May 20th I wrote about my Verizon/AT&T woes.  Mostly that we got hit with an early termination fee that quite honestly I didn't see coming.  I didn’t really expect Verizon to refund me, a customer who abandoned them.  What I did expect was an answer.  A reply.  An apology.  A screw you.  Something.

Sometimes I think it’s a waste of time letting companies know how I feel.  May 13th I wrote about comments an employee made about saline at the eye doctor (EyeOptix).  I wrote them an email letting them know I thought it was unwelcomed.  Response?  Nope. 

I was reminded about these incidents when I saw this article on Consumer Reports:

CRClick here to see the full article.  I love Consumer Reports.

imageimageJim says I’ve become crotchety.  I think he’s right.  I’m not quite sure when I became this anti-bad-service-martyr-blogger-guy.  I know, when I started blogging.  I guess at the time that I knew people were reading and listening to me, I decided it was a great time to begin ranting.  Maybe to rally the masses in favor of me as leader of the free world.  OK, maybe not that far.  But if you do want to vote for me, you can click here.

Today was day 2 of training for most of my coworkers.  After “interviewing” several of them during breaks I got this feeling of “rebellion”.  They seemed unhappy with the bore of an instructor and her inability to actually know what she was talking about.  Unfortunately the other instructors that “assisted” weren’t much better.  They had to bring in some of the actual users (pilot testers) of the system to help answer questions.  I found out that I’ll be getting the same useless team of trainers. 

As far as my day, the phones weren’t quite as busy but I did spend a lot of time per call chatting up customers and taking credit applications.  That certainly made my day go a bit faster.  I also had my monthly review and I’m happy to report I was in 3rd place out of 44 people for the month of May.  Not bad for a newbie.  I’m still lagging behind on some of the many thresholds they evaluate me on.  Nonetheless, I got a good review.

Jim and I have been watching the original V series (via Netflix instant).  Well, correction, I’m watching it cause Jim wanted to.  What a horrible show.  Terrible acting and jerky stunts.  I can forgive the special effects but not the acting.  It all came out in the early 80’s.

“Set a year after the Visitors were driven from Earth, this series picks up where "V: The Final Battle" left off. On the way to her trial, Visitor commander Diana (Jane Badler) is assassinated by the scientists who helped destroy her plans. But former resistance leader Donovan (Marc Singer) feels that something isn't quite right, and his fears are realized when he learns that the Visitors are back in full force.”


I do like the newer version of V but while researching stuff for this post I just read that it was cancelled????  I’m so completely tired of shows I like being cancelled and then left to wonder about the rest of the story.  Someone’s comment on the website I just visited said it all:

“TV seems to be literally killing itself pulling shit like this. I've mentioned previously that I've now totally given up watching any new shows until I know what their fate is. I'm not investing any time in watching something which finishes unresolved. This is yet another show I don;t have to start watching, despite the fact I was looking forward to it. At some point TV will simply become a medium for advertising TV shows. TV shows that we can purchase directly from the makers for a (hopefully) reasonable fee. Rather than TV companies paying too much to broadcast shows and passing that cost on to the consumer - and still stuffing them with adverts, we will fund the programmes directly like HBO and Showtime.”

I’m bummed.  What shows are you missing that ended abruptly? 


  1. Sorry that you get stuck with our crap trainers. But I'm glad to report I now know the definition of gullibility and that I would let you rally our masses

  2. Ut oh Ashley... do you work for the same company as me??????? You said "our" trainers.

  3. 1. Twin Peaks. I loved that show and it was just starting to really build momentum when it got canned. And it was left with story lines totally gapping open and no resolution for anything.

    2. You totally shoulda rick rolled your readers.

    3. I have tweeted twice in the past few weeks in the midst of customer service issues and gotten favorable replies. Maybe you need to start tweeting? I will say that the positive responses I get are not from big, national companies but instead from local, independent companies.

  4. Our office is small enough that most people who call actually get someone on the phone right away. But once I've processed a customer's loan, they're at the mercy of Customer Pseudo-service across the country; ie, "How many menus can you get through before we disconnect you?" I feel so bad telling the ones who saved my number and call me back 3 months later that I can't help them at ALL; can't even get into their accounts anymore. Ours is a good bank, but it's still a huge, faceless corporation.

    The only tv show I really miss is Mystery Science Theater 3000. Did I mention I haven't really watched tv since 2005? Part of the reason, ironically enough, is I didn't want to get involved with another company (cable/satellite) with bad customer service!

  5. @Eternal Liz: We have a titty bar here in town called Twin Peaks. LOL. A couple of years ago I had a Twitter account and closed it. I didn't like it.

  6. @Flartus: My bank is unclear as to it's procedures about what happens next after an application. I think applicants wander the phone lines in hopes of approvals.

    I should ban TV too.


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