6-12-11 Sunday (Priceless Mistakes)

Jim had a 2 for 1 coupon to Bravo! Cucina Italiana for their brunch.  Jim had the crab cakes thingy and I had the Panini.  We both enjoyed our meals and the uniqueness of them.


We ordered beverages… the alcoholic kind.  After all, it was after 12pm.

imageJim’s selection

imageMy selection

2011-06-12 017

Our mistake was that we ordered these drinks even though the menu had no price listed.  Our second mistake is that we didn’t ask the price.  The Mimosa was 6frickin50 and served in a champagne flute.  It was tiny.  My sangria was served in a wine glass but was still 7frickindollars.  Good thing we only had one.

The verdict, we’d like to enjoy their brunch FOOD again but never again with their alcoholic beverages.  Bite me.

Brunch with alcoholic beverages have become Jim and I’s weekly indulgence.  We’ve become “old gays” and we’re OK with that… really. 

After brunch we went grocery shopping and then came home and relaxed for a while.  Later, Billy and Mike came over.  The plan was to order pizza and play cards which we did sans the card playing.  We got wrapped up in discussions.


  1. I apparently need to start brunching with some old gays because I'd love a bit of adult beverage enjoyment from time to time!

  2. You guys are gay? I thought you were just roommates! Or, erm, RV-mates, as it were.


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