6-22-11 Wednesday (The Road To No Where)

I’m off today!  Yay!  I found out via a coworker’s text that the boring teacher we had is no longer with our company.  I had a strong opinion that she shouldn’t be teaching - yet when I spent class with her for 2 days, I felt sorry for her. I even gave her top scores on a survey… which I was guilted into doing I guess.   I still felt as though she was in the wrong position.  Either way, I hate to hear about anyone losing their job.  I hope she finds something quickly that suits her better.

Here’s some photos from the past weekend:

2011-06-19 010Above: Dasher Dog.

2011-06-19 003Above: Clea Cat in the midst of a meow.

Below: Dasher plays with Clea:2011-06-19 0052011-06-19 0062011-06-19 0082011-06-19 009

Jim spotted this in the grocery store:

2011-06-19 004

What a strange mix he said.  I figured it’s the only 2 things picky kids will eat so they paired them?  Oh… and it’s a good source of protein.

The plumber guy came to fix the kitchen sink leak.  He needed a part and said he’d be back.  In the mean time, I had a roofing nail in the Jeep’s tire earlier this week and needed to get it repaired.  I ended up replacing both front tires.  The plumber guy never showed back up so at 4pm I had to call them back. 


Customer highlights for the week:

A man born in 1956 called.  I had to explain, SEVERAL times, the difference between a credit card and a debit card.

A young girl called and wanted to know how much it was to open an account.  I replied, “$100 deposit for checking and $25 for savings.”  “What’s the difference?”, she replied.  I gave an uncomfortably long pause as my brain struggled to figure out her question.  After what seemed like an eternity, I asked, “between checking and savings?”  I explained.

I got another customer who wanted to borrow twenty.  I asked, “20 thousand?”  He said, “20 dollars just till next Thursday.”

Today I went to Discount Tire to get my tire repaired (under it’s lifetime road hazard warranty).  The tire with the roofing nail in it was very close to the wear bars.  The other tire wasn’t far behind so I had both tires replaced.  While they worked on the Jeep, I headed across the street for lunch.  Have you ever seen roads that lead no where?  I chuckle to myself every time I see things like this that are ready for future expansion:

2011-06-22 001

It might be years or never before something continues yet they painted arrows.  In Fort Myers, FL there is a McDonalds with something similar only it has a stop sign facing the grass.  Now that’s really ready yet it’s been like that for over 10 years. 

I found this on TOSH.O’s website.  I love Tosh.  He’s a genius.  If you watch his show, be prepared to feel embarrassed and maybe even horrified.  You might even hate him.  But… most of the times he’s more funny than offensive.  I plan to retype this and mail it to my shit head neighbor.  I do.


Holy crap.  I can’t believe I’ve had so much of nothing to say. 

My birthday is tomorrow and since I’ll be working, Jim took me out to dinner.  My pick was Olive Garden.  Sheesh I have so many haters about chain restaurants.  My cousin’s Facebook Check-in comment was “What, is there no real Italian food in Charlotte?”   I love the cream dishes there.  I don’t order pasta and red sauce.  I like the garlic creams, and other fattening cream sauces.  I get breaded fried pork cutlets which comes with a side of tortellini in garlic cream sauce (Pork Milanese).  So, does Joe’s Italian have better bread crumbs than Olive Garden?  Is his oil better?  Whatever.  I like it.  Jim likes it.  And bread sticks with a side of Alfredo Sauce?  Yum.  Olive Garden’s salad dressing?  Go suck on a piece of fruit.


Jim had some new special that he said was OK.


I will say that tonight we did receive the best service we’ve had in a long time.  I swear our server was a mind reader.  She was awesome and I’ll be filling out a survey tomorrow.  I already grabbed a manager on the way out and told her all about Kelim.

We both managed to over eat even though we took home half our meals.  Next we went on to the house to check it’s progress then onto Coldstone for dessert.  They were out of chocolate, vanilla and several other flavors.  We left and went to another location.  Losers.  You deal with icecream and ran out?  Ugh.


  1. I often get good old-fashioned lasagna when we go to Olive Garden. Love the salad, love the bread sticks. John and I usually get turamisu and bring them home to eat later, with tea.

  2. and I'm so happy you told the manager what a great job your server did! So many people are quick when they have a complaint, but it's such a thrill when we get compliments! Great job, Garret and Jim!

  3. I have no issue with OG. In fact, I had some of the best sangria I've ever had at an OG.

    Sorry the gal lost her job- but sounds like she wasn't a good fit for what she was hired to do.

    That Banquet meal is GROSS. I don't care if my kids are picky- I would never buy that or serve that. Blech.

    Love the pet pics!! Did you see the video of the barking cat? Maybe I'll post it today...

  4. @Joanie, as much as I bitch about service, I do recognize the awesome service too.

    @Liz: That cat barking video has become viral, especially on facebook. I think it's also on TOSH.O.

  5. I like the chicken nugget and spaghetti combo, its like bite size chicken parmsean, just am not into frozen meals too much.... When we go to OG, I never get past ordering soup salad and breadsticks and always leave with an even BIGGER gut!!


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