6-14-11 Tuesday (Spiders Mow Lawns Too)

I stopped by the house today.  I was lucky enough that no workers were present which meant that I could tour the house!  Yay!  With stairs and all I was able to walk around upstairs.  Now… finally… I’m getting real excited. 

I took a bunch of photos and then decided to film a walk through video.

As I finished filming the first floor, the superintendent, Roger, pulled up to the house so I resumed filming after he left.

Here’s some still photos:

2011-06-14 011Above: Trey ceiling in master.

2011-06-14 002Above/Below: Ready for shingles!2011-06-14 003

2011-06-14 004Above: Garage

2011-06-14 006Above: Kitchen + back door.

2011-06-14 007Above: Stairs!  We have stairs!

Today was my first day of training.  The trainer I was doomed to have taught.  The thing with her is that she’s emotionless.  She reads from the text book and asks “volunteers”  to read various passages from our workbooks.  The other problem is that she’s probably never done our jobs or used the the new system live herself so she wasn’t able to answer questions that weren’t in the book.  She kept a list of things we’d have to ask someone else about.  Perhaps because I’m interested in learning the new system, oddly, I didn’t space out.

We have a system we use called the “------- Library”.  It’s a reference system we use to look up policies and procedures.  It’s our work bible of sorts.  If I have to hear that woman say “Li-berry” one more time I’m gonna scream.  It’s Li-brar-y.  [lahy-brer-ee, -bruh-ree, -bree]

A good thing is that they had an experienced banker, Josh, come in and help explain some of the features.  He’s been on the system using the pilot version for months now.  Since he’s also used the old system, he was perfect to explain the differences.  He’s also a funny person.  Here’s a photo of him I swiped from his Facebook page:


He wore a Spiderman mask while he mowed the lawn just for the shock and awe value.  He said people would stop their car, back up, roll the window down and snap a photo.  This makes him awesome.


  1. I think he's awesome too. The house looks great!

  2. What will you wear when you mow your lawn?

  3. I just can't believe how quickly it is going up. It looks great now. I can't wait to see the finished product !!! I will take the room on the left please.

  4. The house is looking good! And it seems to be going at a good clip now.

  5. Maybe you could be like that dad that wore a different costume each morning that he put his kid on the bus but you could wear a different costume every time you mow?

  6. @Lisa: Thanks!

    @Joanie: Uhhhh, I don't do lawns.

    @Jodie: Room on the left = reserved.

    @Wayne: It will probably slow down a little between inspections.

    @Liz: I haven't heard about this guy. Got al ink?

  7. I want to be awesome, too! What should I wear!?

  8. A costume, or an actual alien?

  9. Start small with an alien costume. Later you can upgrade to a real alien.

  10. If I have to hear that woman say “Li-berry” one more time I’m gonna scream. It’s Li-brar-y. [lahy-brer-ee, -bruh-ree, -bree]

    Pulitzer worthy.


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