6-17-11 Friday (Recorded For Quality Assurance…)

Our Asheville trip has been rescheduled for the end of July.  Jim needs to make the reservation changes.  I was a little leery of even rescheduling since mid August is the estimated completion time for the house.  I was thinking to take time off then.  Jim’s thinking was to use vacation time off for fun and not moving.  We’ll take a day or 2 off for moving or whatever but not the entire week.  I like Jim’s thinking.  Time off for fun, not for moving.  Sign me up!  Actually, on Tuesday I submitted my time off requests and was instantly approved.  I guess the end of July isn’t very popular for time off.  I probably too hot to do anything.

Jim is still training on his new project with his job to underwrite for a different bank.

I had some issues with the new system at work today but managed.  The phones have been insane for the past 2 weeks.  Tomorrow is typically a slow day and I’ll actually welcome that.  It will give me a little time to explore the new system a little more and gain some speed with it. 

The worst part about it all is that there’s constant bulletins regarding workarounds for system issues.  My head is spinning.  I can’t remember all of them nonetheless where to even read about them if the issue arises.  Attention great big bank corporation big wigs, don’t be so eager to release a system that’s so buggy.  It should have stayed in Pilot testing until it was near perfect.

The other thing is that our calls are constantly being recorded and we have a department that scores them.  3 random reviews a month which affects bonus.  Some say it’s a way to lower bonuses.  I have 2 more to go for the month.   With me learning the new system and trying to remember the 15248.62 system issues and workarounds, this is a bad thing.  If I get scored low because I didn’t say my name, I accept that.  If I get scored low for something with this new system, I’m gonna be livid.  There should be a grace period like there was then I first came to the floor.  During my FIRST call yesterday I ran into something we weren’t taught in class already.  Very stressful.

DasherAbove: Dasher loves sunbathing in the yard

Jim stopped by the house and said that some plumbing has been installed.  He said there may be issues with getting our large master tub upstairs.  It’s a one piece and they had to remove studs from the garage to get it into the main house.  How will they get it up stairs?  Stay tuned.


I haven’t done this in a long time:

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