6-10-11 Friday (A Sour Story)

Happy I-have-a-second-story-Friday!

2011-06-10 005Above: The “stairwell” less the stairs.

2011-06-10 001Above/below: The second story!2011-06-10 002


2011-06-10 003Above: A view through the living room double window to the backward.

2011-06-10 004Above: Back door between the living room and kitchen.

Originally Jim and I were going to be on vacation this past week but when uncertainties arose about his job, I cancelled my days off except for this Saturday.  I had decided at some point last week to re-request Friday off and perhaps we’d have a 3 day weekend somewhere instead.  I was never approved for today, I was waitlisted.  At a call center, I’m competing, bidding, or scheduled according to call volume with that of a ton of other call center locations across the country.   Fortunately, it’s still easy to take off even if it wasn’t approved and management is OK with that since there are systems in place to make sure it’s not abused.

Last night I couldn’t decide if I should still take today off.  Jim had to work so what’s the point?  Well, maybe I’ll just do some stuff around the house.  Maybe I’ll pack a few boxes.  Maybe I’ll just go in for some of the day and leave early.  My to-do list grew and staying home began looking less appealing.  I calculated out my remaining PTO (Personal Time Off) hours.  I went into work.

My plan was to leave early… how early was yet to be determined.  It was kind of relaxing to be at work and feel as though I could leave when I wanted.  Naturally, that’s always an option as long as I have PTO time available but this time it felt different.  It felt like I had some strange power over life or something.  It’s hard to explain.  Jim emailed me and suggested dinner and a movie.  I was scheduled till 9, planned to leave at 7 but he suggested I leave at 6.  OK!

Jim cashed in a restaurant.com certificate to Frankie and Louies.  For an appetizer we enjoyed the crab nachos.  For dinner, Jim had the fillet mignon which wasn’t really that.  It wasn’t bacon wrapped so it can’t be called that.  He ordered it medium and it was very rare.  He sent it back.  It was cooked better the second time around but had no flavor… at all.  I know that fillet’s are the most tender cuts but also the most flavorless.  I think they missed the mark on this.  The online menu showed they had a stuffed fillet and that’s what Jim thought he was ordering.  Hell, the online menu is very different and didn’t even have the porkchops I ordered which were quite tasty.  Jim liked the mashed potatoes and I did not.  I hated them.  We think it was made with sour cream and I don’t like sour cream.  I don’t think the menu indicated them that way.  The sautéed spinach was very good but in an overly small proportion.  The ambiance?  Cute swamp/Cajon theme completed with live caged snakes, hedgehogs, lizards, bearded dragon, etc.  The noise level was unfriendly.  The dining room wasn’t filled to capacity and had a terrible echo.  Bare floors will do that I guess.  So many items on the menu looked yummy so we’d probably return and try other things.  I might even order the porkchops again and ask for a different side.

We then went to see a movie.  X-Men: First Class.  I’ve heard that the movie doesn’t follow the comic books.  My only X-Men knowledge is from that of X-Men cartoons and video games and I don’t think any of it dealt with the beginnings so it was fine with me.  The unfortunate part is that we got stuck front row.

Date night was great!

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