6-23-11 Thursday (Me, Myself And I)

It’s the 11th anniversary of my 30th birthday!  I went to work.  I made a goal and got to pick a prize at work.


I filled out an online survey for my recent Olive Garden visit.  I thought the following question to be confusing.  How many people were WITH me including myself?  Myself wasn’t with me.  Maybe how many people in your party including yourself?  Perhaps people didn’t understand because there wasn’t a party?  Hmmmmmm.

OG Survey

Other than that, it was an uneventful birthday which is fine by me.

I was offered to come in on Friday for an earlier shift (just for that day).  10-6:30.  I snatched it up. It worked out great since Jim’s Dad arrives here Friday evening and will be here for the weekend.  Aside from visiting, he’ll do an inspection on the house’s progress so far.  We’ve got a walkthrough with our salesperson, Michelle, scheduled for 10 am on Saturday.  I have to work at 11:30 so I was able to partake in most of it.  For the remainder of the day, they worked on caulking windows and doorways for extra protection.

Our new computer program at work… never mind, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.  Who am I kidding?  I like it for the most part but can’t believe they rushed it into production.  For whatever reason, for some users it’s disastrous while for others like myself, it’s OK with problems here and there. Some co-workers can barely operate.  Some have hardly taken calls.  Several IT people and supervisors are constantly in little cubicle huddles.  Wow.

They’ve also decided to change out the phone system software soon.  I had to take a computer based course on how to use it.  It almost seems more powerful but at the same time, it seems to cater to foreigners or something.  I’m so tired of words being replaced by symbols.  Simple buttons previously marked as “hold”, “conference” and “transfer” have all been replaced with dumb symbols.  My most commonly used buttons are now conveniently located in a dropdown menu.   I wish I could show you screen shots of some of the crap people come up with to “improve” systems.

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to caulk I go…


  1. Don't they have overpaid illegals for that? The caulking, not the customer service work.

  2. @Boozy: It's not a normal part of the construction process. It's something that's kinda overboard to some people.

    @Karin: Thanks!


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