6-13-11 Monday (Coupon Karma)

A few weeks ago my employer gave out ginormous thermal mugs.  Just fill out this form and pick one up.


So… these papers were laying all over the place.  There’s 10,000 employees in my building (so I’m told).  What a waste.  Let’s save plastic bottles, screw the trees.  Maybe some signs should have been posted at the entrances and allow for an employee to print out the form if needed?  Perhaps 2 per page?  I dunno.  The overall idea, purpose of this was awesome!  With a little discount, this should cut down on waste.  It would be nice to hear a “report” a few months later as to how this saved money or the amount of trash.  I assume they track their Styrofoam cup purchases.  Additionally, giving this out to each new hire will keep this campaign going.

Speaking of new hires, I’ve heard that the new hires who are being interviewed by the recruiter are still being told their schedule will be 8-6.  (I blogged about this here).  Sometime later this week, sources will be coming in for an interview and I’ll find out what they’re being told by supervisors rather than recruiters. 

Last week, our department held a contest for best themed summer decorated team areas.  I suggested a Hawaiian Luau theme figuring that with our $30 budget, a lot can be had for that at Dollar Tree.  Someone beat us to the punch and started decorating before we could even get motivated enough to shop for the stuff.  My boss picked out “It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere” as the new theme.  Although I don’t have any photos of it, it basically turned out to be margarita cups, umbrella straws, flip flops and the like.  A team next to me did:

2011-06-10 012

Christmas in July as it was called.  They went all out however it was far over the $30 allowance although we’re guessing most of the stuff was brought in from people’s homes.  Behind all of this was the winning theme which I think was the Hawaiian theme I suggested.  It too seemed to have a lot more decorations than $30 could buy.  All jealousy aside, it was definitely a team spirit builder and I’m sure that’s what it was intended for.  While I do pick on my company for some things, I do certainly recognize the cool stuff they do.

On Saturday we stopped into Old Navy with a Groupon Jim had to get $20 in clothes for $10.  An end cap had a sweatshirt on it with a sign that said $10.  At the register it rang up double the price.  Jim told the cashier of the sign who then accompanied Jim to the display.  The sign was for different shirts on the rack but she joyfully gave him the shirt for that price.  Some time yesterday Jim got car bumper dirt on his white Chaps shorts while loading groceries into the trunk.  Last night he threw in all the perma-press stuff into the wash.  This morning I found the new sweatshirt had red all over it from a cheap red t-shirt.  Yet, his white shorts had nothing on them?  Maybe it was because the red t-shirt laid against the sweatshirt and the shorts didn’t?  I saw I had a Shout Color Catcher sample on my laundry products shelf so I threw that in and rewashed the clothes.  The stain is still there.  I’ll be “working” on getting it out over the next few weeks.  Damn it!  It’s Coupon Karma!  She’s a bitch!


A blue Polo got “hit” too.  Ugh.  Yet those damn white shorts were just fine.

On my way to work I stopped off to buy some Carbona Color Run Remover.  It was clearanced for $1.25 so I bought 2. 


After work, I rewashed both shirts.  The blue Polo apparently wasn’t colorfast since it removed all the color from the shirt EXCEPT for the blotches it was supposed to remove.  The pink blotches turned blue while the rest of the blue was gone.  Ruined.  The Old Navy shirt kinda  worked.  What was pink was now a different shade of blue and hard to tell.  It might just pass off.  We’ll see.

The house is moving along so quickly now it’s mind boggling!  Jim checked on it’s progress today but per the builder’s request, we are to stay out of it while workers are there.  Our salesperson, Michelle, has reported a couple of errors that she caught that we hadn’t seen yet since we couldn’t enter the site.  The stairs are in, trey ceiling moldings, etc.    I’ll visit it before work tomorrow and see what’s happening.

Speaking of work, I have 2 days of training.


  1. The laundry adventures are hilarious!!! I don't think i've dealt with bleeding clothes in ages. Weird.

  2. ha ha, you tie-dyed your shirt! What, you got rid of the stains? Hmph. Lost your chance to revive a trend.

    Miss Chef ruined two of her chef jackets a couple of months ago by running a pen through the wash. She does that ALL THE TIME; you'd think she'd learn! And those logo-ed jackets cost a bit more than an Old Navy shirt. I'm just glad she's the one doing the laundry, and its' HER clothes that are getting ruined.

    Hmph, I say. Hmph.

  3. Btw, sometimes rubbing alcohol or peroxide will get out stains that fancy detergents won't. Thought maybe I should try to be helpful now.

  4. @Liz: Me either! I thought everything was colorfast these days.

    @Flartus: Sometimes I forbid Jim for touching laundry. He's just clueless with this stuff sometimes. He said if the color won't come out to try bleach! Uhhhhhh, no.


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