6-25-11 Saturday & 6-26-11 Sunday

Jim, Terry (Jim’s dad) and I went to the new house for a walkthrough with our salesperson.  With Terry’s construction knowledge, he was able to spot a few things that needed attention as well as put our minds at ease about things we thought were issues but really aren’t.  Confused?  That’s OK. 

Since I had to work today, I couldn’t be there the entire time.  Terry and Jim addressed all with Michelle and a list was born!  Builders don’t normally caulk every opening or gap.  I can see why.  Terry thought it would be beneficial to caulk around each window and door and where the wood meets the concrete.  They did some of this on Saturday and then on Sunday I was able to assist.  Well kinda.  I honestly didn’t do very much.  I was an errand runner (more caulk and lunch), an assistant and just over all stood there and looked pretty.

I did manage to pick up nails and screws I found around the house or property overall. 

2011-06-26 018Above: Tire hazards.

2011-06-26 002Above: Jim preps the window for caulk.

2011-06-26 004Above: Artistic snowman or perhaps the Heat Miser?

2011-06-26 005Above: What’s that at the entrance to the house?

2011-06-26 006Above: Oh.

2011-06-26 007Above: Look at all the caulk.

2011-06-26 009Above: Terry at work.2011-06-26 013Above: We have blackberry – raspberry bushes!

2011-06-26 014Above: Yes, we did bring a cooler with Mimosa stuff!

2011-06-26 015Above: Jim peeing.  This is here just so he’ll say, “I can’t believe you put that in the blog.” with a disapproving look.

2011-06-26 016

I’m not sure what the final number of caulking tubes was but I’d guess on 2.5 cases.  That’s a lot of caulk. 

Later that evening we went to 300 East for dinner.  The food was good and the service as seems typical was lack luster.  The food took a long time.  Our glasses seemed to run empty too often.  I’ll just add this place to my list of “I want to love it but I just can’t”.  Do you have any of those?  Places you want to love but each time you go back for another try, it just doesn’t work out?  Me and Jim’s list:

PF Changs:  It’s a chain but we like Chinese and thought this would be a great place to be able to go in any city and have consistent recipes.  Well, we’ve been consistently unimpressed 2 or 3 times.

Panda Express: Another chain only this one is fast food.  We’ve been there more times than I care to admit.  This place is a running joke with Jim because he always “tries” it and seem to forget that we don’t like it.  Secretly I think this is one of the places he wants to work out.

21 South: It’s a 2 location burger joint and it’s a dive.  It’s been mentioned on travel shows but we suspect maybe they paid to be mentioned since the food isn’t so spectacular.  It’s not bad but when you have an ambiance that screams dive, the food would have to be phenomenal to save it.  Jim has been to both locations.  End game.

AT&T:  I want it to work but they’re awful.  I love the phone.  I miss Verizon.  What a big mistake I made. 

Mert’s Heart and Soul: The service is terrible.  The food is OK.  The sweet potato cake is divine.  We’ve been there 4-5 times and I think we’re done trying.  If anything we’ll get the cake to go!

I try keeping an open mind thinking maybe that server was terrible.  Maybe I just didn’t care for that particular dish and I’ll try something different next time.  Some times the excuses I make for them just aren’t strong enough and it’s time to say goodbye.

What’s on your list?


  1. with Caulkenstein, and now the house, ever think stock in a caulk company would have been a good idea??? LOL

  2. Oh Chaulkenstein! good comment anonymous!

    Hey, what happened to the porta potty that was on your property? Or does Jim just like peeing in the woods instead?

  3. @anon: I had thought about titling the entry with something about Caulkenstein but since I did two dates I skipped that. Good memory!

    @bill: The portapotty is still there and nasty as can be.

  4. There are a few diners that we like to go to. I like them for breakfast, but not lunch or dinner. The food always seems gloppy. but breakfast is great.

    Chili's. Two former servers, who I couldn't stand now work there, so I won't go there. I've been to another Chili's though, and it was ok, not great.

    I'm getting to the point where I can't stand any of the fast food places any more.

    I'm curious what the construction guys think when they see all the windows caulked.

  5. Joanie: I'm sure they're thinking that the house was built for someone in the industry. LOL

  6. Caulk you.

    And now you have my comment and your life is good.


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