6-11-11 Saturday (The Roof, The Roof…)

We had a slow moving day for the most part.  We went out for breakfast/lunch to Mimi’s and had our usual including Mimosa’s.  Surprised huh?

Next we stopped by the house and they were working!  We have a roof… almost!

2011-06-11 002

The windows for the dining room (2 on the left side) don’t look quite right but since they’ve asked us not to enter the house while being worked on we decided to stop back by later.

We then drove to South Charlotte to ride the CATS light rail (LYNX) into Uptown to attend the Taste of Charlotte festival.  We figured parking might be expensive or hard to come by and we’ve been wanting to ride the light rail for quite a while.  We actually enjoyed the ride in.

The light rail dropped us just a few blocks from the festivities which was 4 blocks worth full of vendors.


Food is purchased with “coins”.

2011-06-11 006

We ate:

2011-06-11 004

and ate…

2011-06-11 005

and eventually I stopped taking pictures so as to conceal the evidence.

Jim and I split everything we had so we could taste more.  Most of it was quite yummy.

It was hot out, but not Florida hot and I was thankful for that.  I think I had a layer of sweat on my head but managed not to drip all over.  That’s a good thing in my book.

Here’s a bunch of other photos.  If you don’t care, scroll down a bunch to get to the completed roof photos of the house:

2011-06-11 0162011-06-11 0072011-06-11 0082011-06-11 0092011-06-11 0102011-06-11 012

2011-06-11 014Above: This photo was intended for a few specific readers who I also have a friendship with on Facebook.  Several posts ago, friends spotted the portapotty in front of the new house and comments were tossed around about being a guest bathroom.  I took the above photo in mind to play off that with creative captions like “Jim checks out alternative guest bath options”.  It just didn’t happen.

2011-06-11 015

Good times!  We spent $40!  Ugh.

Lastly we stopped back by the house again and the roof was complete:

2011-06-11 017

We haven’t been able to explore the upstairs yet since there’s no ladder or stairs for us.


  1. Good thing you were walking with all that eating you were doing !!! Just one thing though. Why did you bring Alix's bathroom with you?

  2. Funny, I took that photo with you guys in mind. I was going to say "Jim checks out competitor -----" then I couldn't think of the word. Outhouse, bathroom, guest bath, etc. Then I decided hardly anyone would know what I was talking about. Then I forgot and just upload the photo with the others. LOL.

  3. I'd read some snide comment somewhere that Taste of Charlotte is great if you want to eat something fried and drink beer. Your pictures seem to bear that out! Have you been to the Blues Brews & BBQ festival in September? It smells amazing.

  4. I think you need to photoshop the pic of Jim in front of that building so tha tyou impose the image of his face onto the building.

    I have a friend who was at Taste of Charlotte yesterday, too! She's a mommy friend of mine. I really need to get to your area of the country one of these days.

    House is looking more and more like a house!

  5. @Flartus: No, we've not heard of the Blue Brews & BBQ festival. Sounds yummy! I got to thinking and most everything was fried. That's OK, fried is good.

  6. @Liz: I don't have photoshop! =) It would be cool though.

    Yes, you need to come to Charlotte. Soon, I'll have 2 guest rooms for you. You and Jeff in one and the kids in another!

  7. Your house is beautiful and it's not even done! Can't wait to see the upcoming pix.


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