6-21-11 Tuesday (Please Recycle!)

I’ve been too busy to blog.  It’s hard to believe… I know.  Now I’m trying to think about what we did over the weekend.  Saturday I worked.  Jim went thrift store shopping.  He met up with Beth.  They had lunch.  Details are sketchy.  They toured the house and spotted what looks to be mold on the trusses.  Jim’s dad gave us some suggestions to determine if it’s really mold or not.

I called AT&T to complain about my woes with the reception and even the Microcell they provided me doesn’t work right.  I don’t feel like recapping the whole conversation but 86 minutes later there was no resolution.

Saturday night after work… I don’t remember.  I’ll come back to this if my amnesia resolves itself.

Sunday, Jim and I went to brunch at Mimi’s.  Shocker.  Jim had one mimosa too many and I had to drive (once I sobered up).  Hic.  Don’t judge.  I love our life.  Really.  Don't judge. 

We stopped at the new house and inspected the site.  There’s a few issues.  Nothing major.

Sunday evening Mike and Billy came over.  We played Uno.  Billy won.  I made chicken tacos in the crockpot which were tasty.  I got this recipe from a blog I follow called “A Year of Slow Cooking”.  She challenged herself to cook at least one meal, side dish or dessert in her crockpot once a day for an entire year which turned out to be a leap year.  She gained so many followers, eventually attracting media attention and then a cookbook deal!  I hadn’t followed her blog from the very start but I was following before she got famous.  Fun stuff.   Here’s the recipe I used - here.

Comedian Rita Rudner said something about being able to tell a lot about your neighbors by looking in their recycling bin:

2011-06-21 011Above: With clean hands we enjoy wine and a Diet Dr. Pepper knock-off while reading the newspaper?

Jim’s Grandma called Monday and said she’d be here in a couple of hours.  On her way to Georgia she couldn’t get to her exit in time and then hit traffic because of an accident so she decided to just come on by.  It was a welcomed visit.  Her and Jim were able to get by the new house for a tour with little daylight to spare and then went on to dinner. 

Tuesday she and I went to AT&T to swap out the Microcell (long story for another post), toured the house again, ate lunch, she departed and I went to work.  We went my the house so that I could see what they had done to get the master bath tub in.   Shhhhhhh, Grandma doesn’t know I took pictures of her.

2011-06-21 020Above: The shower/tub combo!

2011-06-21 012Above: The studs and wood and plastic had to be cut out to get the tub to the 2nd story.

2011-06-21 014Above: Grandma walks up stairs to inspect.

2011-06-21 015Above: Our awesomely large tub.

2011-06-21 016Above: Grandma sees the gaps from where the hole was cut.

They’ll repair it all properly.  Our rep, Michelle, says it was only a temp fix and it wouldn’t pass inspection.  She went on to tell us:

The framers have not been back in since they finished up last week, so there are still the repairs they need to fix.  It looks the same today as it did yesterday, and the end of last week.  Roger has made quite a few marks on studs for them to replace and/or repair.  They are on another job now, but will be back to make the proper adjustments.

The manufacture of the floor joists has acknowledged the mold on the wood.  They said this is fairly common this time of year with delivery and the rainfall.  They will be out to treat the wood after the HVAC goes in.  Roger thinks HVAC will be complete on Thursday, so they are tentatively planning to come on Friday. 


I almost think I should have broke all of this out into multiple posts but the dates are all blurred.  We’ve got an under kitchen sink leak going on, a roofing nail from our construction site stuck in my tire, AT&T issues, work, house guests, and new house issues.  It’s a lotta stuff going on.


  1. You should have just written this post in bullet form, Garret. Your sentences were telegram quality. Stop.

    But I love your recycle bin assessment. With clean hands we enjoy wine and a Diet Dr. Pepper knock-off while reading the newspaper? Dare I say mine has more bottles than sanitizer? Ha! Shock of the century. I drink my wine with dirty hands, apparently.

    The house is looking good my friend. Hey... I have a suggestion... Why not just have a door installed in your tub/shower combo instead of fixing the wall. Then you can have a private entrance for all your friends to come over and bathe with you! Fun times!

  2. Cause then I'd need stairs too! Or an elevator.


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