6-8-11 Wednesday (Less Windex)

I was off today.  I figured it might still be a week or 2 before the lumber is delivered for the house.  For whatever reason I thought I’d go check out what was going on and I was surprised:

2011-06-08 002

When Jim came home I asked if he had been by lately.  He said he had stopped by yesterday and there wasn’t even any lumber.  I guess things just moved a long fast.

Later in the evening, Jim and I went to check it out again.  Naturally more had been completed:

2011-06-08 005

The dining room (left side of the house) only has 1 window but should have 2.  We emailed the powers that be for the correction.  Our salesperson, Michelle, says once the framing starts, the goal for completion is 70 days out putting us at an approximate date of August 20th.  Wow, just a little over 2 months!

With it moving along quickly, we’ll be checking on it more often.


  1. Good thing you check a lot. It is amazing how many mistakes can be made !!!!

  2. Wow - things are suddenly moving along very quickly!

  3. From the looks of it, Jim's not gonna be the first man in your new bedroom. :D


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